Wife's family beats husband for cheating

August 18, 2016

Wap dem! Wap dem! Wah gwaan TamFam? Mi deh ya a hol' it propa inna Obama Lan. Bless up all Tambourine Radio and Ragashanti Live listeners at www.tambourineradio.com.Awright, unuh ketch da mix-up ya.

Bun mix-up buck

A yute up ya a farrin married dis woman. Look like him really married har jus fi get him papers cause di bwoy a do road haad. Him all have up a one catty weh him feature more dan di wife.

Anyways, one day him wife ketch him a rinse road wid him catty inna him car. Di wife run go tell har relatives dem. Di relatives dem roll out pon di husband and give him a propa beaten. Yeah, dem beat him bad bad bad. Deal wid him wicked.

Den now, long afta da saga deh, di yute have a nex girl weh come up ya from Jamaica. But dat girl deh wid him fadda good fren and really come fi get married to him. Anyways, afta di yute fadda fren married di girl, di yute start jump up inna har belly. Yeah, a bare tings dem a gwaan wid. Sort out tun up and dem nah ramp fi do all a di tings dem. Freak pon fleek.

Den peeps, unuh nuh know say one day him go ova him fadda fren house and start sen on some heavy dutty wuk pon di girl, di same girl weh married to him fadda fren. And guess wah? Di fadda fren come home and ketch dem! Yeah, di fadda fren ketch dem inna one piece a dash out heat deh weh hot up di man head. Cut long story short, di fadda fren den point pon di yute and tell di girl say, “anyweh him lef ya and go yuh haffi go wid him.” Yups, put out him wife wid di bunna bwoy - di same bunna bwoy weh have him owna wife. Di same wife who did mek har relatives dem beat him when him did a bun har. Mix up buck!

But it nuh done deh so, unuh nuh know say di yute go so boom and carry di gyal go a him yaad and mussi tell him wife bare lie bout di gyal a relative weh come up from Jamaica and blah blah blah. Di wife believe him and mek him have di gyal deh inna di house wid dem. So when di wife nuh deh inna dem house, a him and di gyal dat a do di supm dem non-stop. A dem say tek risk!

Pon top a dat, di girl an di fadda fren weh she married still a link cause more while di fadda fren pick har up and carry har out an drap har off right back a di yaad wid di bwoy and him wife. Di fadda fren still a carry feelings cause when di yute did jus come farrin a him did help di yute non-stop. A him support di yute and did look out fi him all di time, and now di yute turn roun' and a shell out him brand new wife. Lawd Jeezas.

Hear weh mi a say, it obvious say dis ya bwoy ya nuh have nuh buddy discipline. Cause afta him wife family buss him up fi a give har bun, him foolishly turn roun' and bring a nex bunna girl right inna di house wid him wife! Stupid! And di gyal a eediat too. She cyaan a tek a wife husband and gwaan live inna di same house wid di wife and di husband. Suppose di wife find out and poison har, or acid har? I guess dem jus love play wid fire, or, as di saying goes, 'di bes place fi hide supm a out inna di open'. Dem deva bad. Betta dem dan mi cause mi nah tek dem risk deh. Dem luddy. And yes, dem a Jamaicans.

Anyways, sen mi unuh mix up dem at ragashanti@ragashanti.com. And mi see unuh nex Thursday same place ya so inna di STAR. Bless up unu self.


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