Two sista drama

September 01, 2016

A woman up ya a Obama Lan, inna har late 40s, pick up one young bwoy inna him late 20s. Di bwoy put it on pon har propa. Him nuh ramp fi do di tings dem to har ... A regula him tun har out an mek she bawl out farrin languages unda him strength. Him mek she do all kind a freaky tings weh she did swear seh she neva woulda do. Him jus know how fi get to har. She love him fi dat.

Anyways, caa she done know dem age difference, she mek him know seh she nuh have nuh problem if him see oda women, an dat him free fi all have a special girlfriend. She tell him seh if him have a straight-up woman, him mus jus mek she know an she wi show respek an doan violate dem ting, an dat she wi cool an always wait til a fi har time.

She also mek it known dat as long as him a sen on har propa fix, she wi continue tek care a him, buy him tings and mind him.

Well, so said so done ... Di bwoy a do road wid several catty, an end up have a straight-up woman. An jus as di woman seh, a same soh she do. She mek sure seh she stay outa him way wid him oda woman dem, an she specially show great respek to him movements wid him personal woman.

One time, him upfront woman ketch dem a talk outside a one seaside restaurant an roll up pon dem.

Right away di woman jus introduce har self to him girl as one a him former teachers an all gi har lyad stories bout di days wen he was a student inna har class. Of course, di bwoy play along wid di card. Di two a dem trick di bwoy woman an all now she nuh know seh har man did a gwaan wid tings wid di same woman who claim seh she was him teacha.

Faas fahwud .... One day, di bwoy find out say di woman have a nex jubby a service har. Yeah, har cougar ting tun up dem way deh, weh she have more dan one young bwoy a shelly-belly har. Di bwoy get bex an jealous an move to har bout it. She den mek him know seh at no time did she tell him dat she's not seeing anyone else, an dats why she told him he can see oda people, because she too is seeing oda people. She again mek him know he is totally free to see whoever he wants to see, cause it will neva bada har.

Di bwoy did still bex, but him realise seh a true she did a tell ... a him did assume seh a ongle him she did a see, an dat him assumption did reach fram di way how she always gwaan like a him a give har di best an ongle fix-up she did a get.

Den unu nuh know wa di bwoy do afta dat? Him claim seh him did notice how di cougar sista did always a pree him. Him tek time get een wid har sista, until him finally get di opportunity fi deal wid har case. Him seh him mek sure him slap har wid di bes sort-out eva. Him do all kind a tings to har, neva hold back. Him seh she cum so much dat one a di time she nearly pass out.




Him did haffi gi har some sweet juice fram di fridge an also nuff wata. Him seh afta she come back to an revive up, him jus lash har wid anneda roun a di good-good. Wen him done wid har, she couldn't even walk good. Di way how him talk, it look like she did a walk like crab inna spike heel.

Anyways ... fram long before, di fus sista did already tell di second sista dat har relationship wid di bwoy was jus sexual. She did all tell di sista say if she waan she coulda arrange fi di bwoy fix har up too. Suh since di second sista did already hear dem tings deh fram di fus sista, she neva tink it would be a problem fi tell har seh di bwoy shell har out - suh she fly guh tell di fus sista. Would you believe seh wen di fus sista hear she get mad?

Yeah, she wait till har sista tell har everyting, den get mad yuh frig. Di second sista did shock an ask har why she a get suh mad wen a she same one did all want she tek a kill offa di bwoy? Di fus sista seh she nuh bizniz, an still cuss out har sista wicked.

Den she guh look fi di bwoy. Wen she find him, a him an him good-good girl did a chill. Di way how Miss cougar bex, she jus waltz right up to di bwoy an shat him a rahtid bax weh flatta him right in front a him girlfren ... den she jus wheel an cut.

Di bwoy girlfren was so shocked and confused, caa she couldn't undastan why har man ex-teacha did jus bax him dung a grung. She ask har man a waa gwaan? Right away, him tell har seh she upset cause him accidentally tell har sista bout a bunna man weh she have an di sista guh tell har husband. Of course nuttin nuh guh suh, worse she doan even have a husband, but di girlfren tek di pill an run wid it.

Now di bwoy ongle a sort out di second sista, an him an di fus one nuh inna nuttin. Ongle problem is di second one naa mind him an dis a mek him tink seh him a waste him time wid har. Suh now, him a pree how fi ease off di second sista an draw back fi di first one, cause him waan back di likes.

SMH. Drama.

Awright, a leggomentz ya now. Sen mi unu drama dem at: See unu nex week Thursday same place ya soh inna di STAR. Bless up unu self.


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