Back-to-school time!

September 05, 2016

Mi know nuff parents a rejoice while nuff pickney heart a ache dem because free paypa bun up! Some children wish they could hit the 'reset the summer' button, while some are excited about the prospects that come with the new school year.

School is no joke, as it's a place not just for academic advancement but also to make friends and form character. It's the place that will help to provide insight as to where and what students want to explore and gives them a sense of direction as how to get there.

I know there are several obstacles in the way of children these days. The same Internet and social media that inform also destroy. It's important for parents and guardians to monitor what children are doing on these many devices, as it can either make or break them. If nuff a we coulda turn back the hands of time and tek in we book some more and listen to the teacher an we parents, we would be better todeh. That is why it's important for parents to be heavily involved in the education process. After all it is a partnership between parents, teachers and students. Don't just leave up the children; try deh pon dem like white pon rice!




It is important for students to be organised, set academic goals, do not procrastinate, listen and pay attention, know what's expected and try as best as they can to meet and even surpass those expectations. Parents and teachers haffi zone in to each child and see how best they grasp and learn the information. Some children learn faster than others while some learn in a different way. At the end of the day, every child must learn. The same emphasis weh some woman put in fi watch man an search dem phone, dedicate some a that energy to your child's well-being!

The money weh some man spend fi buy expensive liquor inna dance an mine some careless gal, dem can use the money an try send dem pickney go a one extra class or buy an additional books that will help the child absorb the knowledge better! If we intend for Jamaica to be prosperous and excel we must equip our students with the necessary tools and attitude to accomplish this.

The other day, the education minister, Ruel Reid, made pronouncements that teachers should be scrutinised before principals hire them and those who are not properly attired and those who have tattoos over their entire body, their employment should be reconsidered. Some people a bash him bout weh him seh. Even though mi just born, mi have an 'old school' mentality when it comes to the very noble and honourable profession of teaching. I agree that teachers are to dress appropriately for the classroom and carry themselves in a dignified way, as they are role models to their students. Not only are they in the classroom disseminating information, but their deportment and values also carry weight. To be fair, the minister never said one or even two tattoos; he said tattoos all over the body. The operative words being all over the body.




Mi naa chastise nobody from live dem life and adorn them body, but some people haffi understand that certain choices preclude you from certain things. A tattoo doesn't stop a teacher from teaching or being an excellent teacher for that matter, but teaching surpasses reading and arithmetic. Mi no sure bout a teacher having tattoo inna face, pon neck, pon forehead, inna eyeball and look like a colouring book! It's a totally different thing if a teacher has a tattoo that is inconspicuous, but when the tattoo dem a bawl out, it nuh rest well with me.

As fi some of the female teacher dem who fah skirt short so til yuh can see dem heartbeat and dem kidney, they need to dress appropriately for the classroom. It will prove difficult to ask students to follow the rules when the adults are blatantly breaking them. Their minds are vulnerable and impressionable, so it's important what and who is presented to them and how.

We live in a world now where everybody wants their own way, but in the real world, freedom comes with responsibility and consequences for both teachers and students.

All the best, and unnu know mi love unnu like how Jesus love likkle children! Tek care!

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