Stalker bunnawoman hides in car trunk

September 08, 2016

Brap Brap Brap!! Waa gwaan TamFam? Hope unu belly full an everyting jiggy inna unu life. Mi deh ya a Obama Lan a juggle same way. Life good an everyting tun up fi mi. Mi haffi give tanks fi real. Nuh obeah naa batta mi an a gi mi big foot or boasen. Blessings a flow outa road an mi a get my share. Selah Nuff love an blessings same way to all Tambourine Radio and Ragashanti Live listeners. Unu know unu spec eva concrete, Str8! Awright, mixup time:


Stalker Bunnawoman


Dis bunnawoman up ya a big farrin staat get jealous say di married man weh she deh wid a bun har wid smaddy different fram him wife.

First, mi nuh know how yuh fi be a man bunnawoman an believe say a bun him a bun yuh if him get a nex bunnawoman. Dat nuh mek sense.

Anyways, she did tell di married man say fi mek sure di ongle odda woman him a sleep wid a him wife an dat if she hear bout any oda woman it a goh be hell an powda house!

Lo an behold, mout tell har say di married man a lash anneda bunnawoman. She try har bes' fi find out a who but couldn't. Suh one day she go fi di extra key fi di married man car an lock har self inna him trunk fi see weh him a goh, caa she nuh have nuh car fi har self.

Wen di married man a drive him coulda swear him hear a strange bumping inna di car trunk, but him nuh too pay it nuh mind.

But wen him fly ova one bump inna di road an di car boom up inna di air him sure him hear a voice bawl out roun deh!

Him get boomy an' pull ova pon di road quick an jump outa him car an back him license firearm. Him walk roun a di back a di car an knock pon di trunk wid him gun.

Same time him hear a knock back fram di trunk an a voice a bawl out supm weh him couldn't mek out. Him ketch him fraid an call police same time an jukky back wid him gun well ready fi rinse shot if anyting.

Afta likkle bit, a di trunk dat fly open wid di bunnawoman. Him frighten soh till. Him ask har a weh she a do inna him car trunk? She explain dat she did waan ketch him wid him oda bunnawoman. Him put weh him gun.

Same time wen dem de deh a talk one a him church sister a pass wid fi har husband an see him an baps! - she stop an jump outa fi har husband car an goh ask di him if him ok?




Den at dat same moment di police fahwud, but tru him did tell di 911 operator say him have a license firearm di police dem fahwud wid one helleva caution. Di police put everybaddy one side an staat tek names an a ask who know who an bare tings.

Because di married man nuh waan him church sista goh buss pon him to him wife, an caw all crowd form up out deh an a run dem video pon dem phone, di married man jus' tell di police dem say him doan know di bunnawoman!! DWL! A cyaan took it.

Yeah, him tell di police say him neva see dis woman before an him shock say she inna him car trunk. Di bunnawoman get bex an staat rinse say di married man a saaka-saaka har, a jump up inna har belly, a bruise up har juju an a gi har di vacuum swipe! But di married man jus' hol' him ground an say him nuh know har.

Den di bunnawoman say den how she woulda have access to him extra car key? Di married man jus say "that's exactly what's puzzling me too." Woooiieee!!

Ppl, two twos di police dem carry weh di bunnawoman gaan lock har up. Yeah. Eventually she get bail doe, an somehow dem drap di case - but mi nuh know di details deh suh.

Afta everyting sekkle di bunnawoman did a draw back fi di married man, but him say him naa goh back deh suh again caa him tink say she is mad woman fi did lock up har self inna him car trunk wid har penis monitoring.

But di bunnawoman still a say she nuh waan nobody else, a jus' di married man she waan. Dawg a guh nyam har suppa.

Awright, a leggomentz now. Sen mi unu drama dem at See unu nex week same place ya soh inna THE STAR. Bless up unu self.


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