Wifey play fool fi ketch wise

September 15, 2016

Waa gwaan TamFam? As usual a jus straight knowings to all Tambourine Radio an Ragashanti Live listeners. Bless up. Awright, mix-up time.

Mi seh, up ya a Obama Lan yuh have a married man weh a gwaan wid ginalship an a gi him wife bun. But one a di way him always dweet is wen him a travel. Him work mek him haffi travel nuff an weh him always do is not tell him wife di trute bout di days dem him haffi fly out an di one dem weh him return. Him always tell lie and leave one day earlier an come home one day later. Like if him a fly out pon a Thursday, him tell har a Wednesday him a leave. If him fi return pon a Saturday him tell har a Sunday him a fahwud. Dat way di wife always tink him gaan fi di entire time pon each trip. An all dem days before him leave an afta him fahwud him always spen dem wid him bunnawoman.

Nex ting, if him trip dem short him drive him car an lef it a di airport, but if dem long a him wife drap him an pick him up fram di airport. Suh pon di long trip dem wen him wife drap him a di airport, him jus wait till she drive out den cut fram di airport an gaan a bunnawoman yaad, den return to di airport di nex day an ketch him actual flight. Same way soh wen him fahwud fram him trip dem him goh straight to di bunnawoman yaad, den return to di airport di nex day before di wife reach deh fi pick him up.

Anyways, one day him a reason wid one a him neighbour pon him road an she a mek him know how she busy wid har baby an how she ongle get time fi do tings wen di baby a sleep. Den she seh a suh she notice seh, similarly, him wife seem to get certain tings done wen he's away. Him ask har wa she mean exactly? She responded dat everytime him leave him wife guh weh fi a day or two fram di day him leave, an dat more while she also guh weh a day or two jus before she fi pick him up.




Naturally di man get curious as to why him wife woulda a mek dem movements deh? An why she a goh weh pon dem particular days deh? Him pree seh if she did a gwaan wid supm she coulda dweet any of di days dem wen him gaan, but why specifically dweet pon di days wen him leave an di days wen him return? Him jus neva know.

Because di info did a badda him an him couldn't keep it een, him decide fi neatly approach him wife bout it. While him an him wife a have one a dem regular chit-chat him screechy een di convo weh him did have wid di neighbour, an mek sure fi neatly mention weh di neighbour seh bout har movements. Same time him wife responded dat yeah, she does go an visit one of her girlfriends pon di exact day dem wen him leave fi him trip dem an visit har again pon di days dem just before him return. Same time him get bex an conclude seh him ketch har inna ginalship based pon har own admission of har movements. Him staat lace har wid arguments seh har movements nuh really mek sense an dat dem suspicious, an dat it look like she a disrespect di programme.

All di talk him a talk she jus de deh quiet a mek him gwaan run off him mout. Wen him done she jus' calmly mek him know that is har girlfren she always guh visit fi true, an tell him seh she can carry him guh meet di girlfren if him waan, an den she tell him weh har girlfren live - DI SAME ADDRESS AS HIM BUNNAWOMAN! Him frighten yuh frig!! Him get dumb an cyaan ansa. Him wife den ask him if him ok? Him stamma. Den she ask him again if him waan she carry him a di address fi prove seh a har girlfren she a visit? Him seh him nuh need fi do dat. Den she seh ok, an dat him have nuttin fi fear, caa anytime him gone pon him 'trips' she a visit har girlfren. Dwrl!

A suh it became obvious seh di wife did done find out bout di slappings weh him a rinse pon di bunnawoman ... an trap him. Cause anyhow him guh seh yeah him waan meet har fren, den yuh know a straight a him bunnawoman address she a carry him. Suh him did jus' haffi hol him cawna. Him nuh know wa she really know, but him still cyaan question har nuh further. Fram dat him neva guh back a di bunnawoman yaad.

Awright, leggomentz. Sen unu mix-up to ragashanti@ragashanti.com. .

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