Poison drama leads to break-up

September 22, 2016

Wah gwaan TamFam? Mi up inna di place yah same way a hol' it. Bless up all Ragashanti Live and Tambourine Radio listeners. Straight blessings.

Right away mi have one ya fi unuh.

Dis chef a Obama Lan always bring home food from work fi him woman. However, him have a catty a him work weh him a do-so do-so wid. Him also have him wife different, but him an' har separated an' she live wid dem two pickney.

Anyways, from a longer while di wife an him woman nuh get along. Dem use to inna bare drama inna di past, but it did cool dung. But dem still hate dem one anneda.




One night now, afta him bring home food as usual fi him woman, an she wax off di food propa, later inna di night a piece a running belly tek har. Di diarrhoea was so bad dat a almost 10 time she did haffi draw fi di toilet. She use di toilet till she get weak an dizzy. Di chef realise di ting serious an rush har a hospital. Cut long story short, di doctor eventually ask she an di chef why in God's name did she administer such a heavy dose a sitten weh mussi name diuretic or supm like so. But it sound to me lakka supm weh we woulda call wash-out. Di chef woman tell di doctor seh she neva tek nutten like dat. Den di doctor ask har more questions which led dem to conclude seh a muss di food weh him carry go give har. But di doctor a seh a cyaan jus di food gi har da severe reaction deh, an dat him sure seh a farrin substance was added to it. Di doctor den offer fi do more tests fi find out exactly wah gwaan, but di chef start pree certain tings an seh if him woman OK now dem nuh haffi do nuh more tests. They all agreed an lef everything deh so.

One a way now di chef a memba seh him did stop a him wife yaad fi look fi him two yute dem. Also, afta him did lef di yaad him wife did call him an tell him say him did forget him woman food an dat him fi fahwud fi it. A neva nuh secret between him an him separated wife dat him always bring home food fi him woman. Anyways, bam! Di chef conclude seh a di wife put sitten inna him woman food. Di dawg drap off him woman, mek sure she all right, den jump back inna him car an go straight ova him wife yaad. Him move to di wife an start cuss har seh she wicked fi go put di running belly sitten inna him woman food. Di wife deny it. Di wife cuss an saeh even doe she nuh like di gyal she woulda neva do dem supm deh.




But di chef seh di doctor sure seh sitten go inna di food, whole heap a people eat di food a di restaurant an nutten neva do dem, an dat she di wife a di only person did have di food alone. Him seh she done nuh like him woman, so a muss she dweet. Di wife still hol' seh is not she. Him an di wife cuss an cuss, but eventually him tap go a di yaad, an ask fi see him yute dem away from har. Fi almost a year him tan wide from di wife.

One day now di chef deh a di restaurant an end up a talk wid di bunna gyal bout some problems him a have wid him woman. Him explain some qualities weh she have weh more while weh him jus can't stand. Inna di miggle a di reasoning him hear di bunna gyal seh supm like, "a so _________ stay. A same way so she did gwaan a Rusea's."

Right away di chef shock say, not only di bunna gyal know seh him woman use to go Rusea's High School a Jamaica, but dat she also have har up fi supm from dem time deh. Di chef neatly start question har bout wah an wah dem did a gwaan wid a Rusea's and only fi find out say back inna dem days deh di bunna gyal man a Rusea's did lef har fi di chef woman, an dat di bunna gyal did all buss fight pon di chef woman! A so di chef medz out everything an figure out seh a muss she did poison him woman food. Him accuse har bout it an she deny, but several days later him tell har seh dem a go fire har cause him report weh she do an dem check di work camera dem an see when she did a poison di food. Him all mek she know seh management a go call police. Of course nutten nuh go so, but di bunna gyal get bummy an admit it an start beg fi mercy an a ask di chef nuh fi press charges an fi tell dem say nutten serious neva happen to him woman.

Anyways, afta dat di chef did a tek a blaze offa di bunna gyal an him saeh di sort out neva feel right. So from dat, him nuh badda go back deh so. Di bunna gyal nuh stop apologise seh she did jus waan run him woman belly, not kill har. Nuh care how much she a run di juju him still nah go back deh.

Goes to show doe, yuh cyaan outta road a do yuh ting wid smaddy, an nuh know seh da person deh have up some deep wicked preementz weh can cause serious harm to you or people roun yuh.

All right, mi haffi leggo yah now. Sen on unuh drama dem at ragashanti@ragashanti.com. See unuh next Thursday same place yah so inna di STAR. Bless up unuh self.


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