Intellectual Property rights - a serious issue

September 26, 2016
Usain Bolt does his 'To the World' pose


Dem seh imitation is the best form of flattery, but on so many levels, it can be considered an insult or just downright tief!

As a very colourful and creative people, we sometimes overlook and downplay intellectual property rights. We come up with slangs, monikers, songs, and other creative material so easily that we don't realise the value of that which we take for granted. Being creative is the way by which people eat, drink, mek dem money, and, feed dem family. Some people never create nothing weh become a trend, yet so many will think it's trivial to defend the genuine article or the original.

To how copyright serious, there are extensive laws about it because if someone wants to infringe on that which your brain has conceptualised, then there will be a price to pay. The way dem copyright and intellectual property ting yah serious, many persons have sued and have been sued as a result. The other day, Pharrell and Robin Thicke had to pay millions to the estate of Marvin Gaye for "infringing" on a melody from one of his songs! So anno joke ting.


necessary credit


People take every iota of their creative genius seriously because that can change their life, the world, and set standards. It cannot be that someone create something from scratch an he, she, and the old lady a go want come spread off inna it like a divan bed and not think there is going to be backlash or at least raised eyebrows.

The worst thing about some of the "imitators" is that they have the audacity to try to "pass" as the original without giving the necessary credit and respect where due. When Usain Bolt came up with his now iconic pose, and when Tanto Blacks seh "Real Rich", or the way KFC blend dem 12 herbs and spices fi give weh dem signature chicken, would it be fair for someone else to use their "style" to make a profit and pass off as their own?

People copyright material every day because they know the value and worth of what the creative process brings. Some of the richest persons in the world don't have a university degree, but they have invented, created, or patented something that we all now use. Down to a simple light switch. So let us not be too quick to trivialise "the original" for "griping" or lamenting when someone uses something that they have created. Because obviously, if dem never see it as beneficial, dem wouldn't run up inna it! The least the "imitators" can do is give credit and show respect.

We all take things from different sources, but it is important to add your own unique touch to make it your own. The very music which is the heartbeat of Jamaica, is a signature sound that has yielded wealth for many and pride for our nation. There are many families and children who are now benefiting from the copyright of intellectual property! It is, however, important that people understand the importance of copyright and get with it and visit the relevant authorities to secure what is creatively theirs.

Yuh cyaa depend on people to do the honorable thing because right now, some people no have no qualms fi benefit from that which they didn't create. So mi no seh yuh cyaa use smaddy else style as inspiration, but don't try gwaan like seh a you come up with it! Just like how a one Worl' Boss deh bout a just so! Take pride in being creative, and mi know anno everybody mek fi be leader, but don't be disrespectful follower. Cause yuh naa go like when smaddy try "jack" your style! Real know real bout yah!

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