Freaky phone drama!!

October 20, 2016

Bragadap Brap Brap Brap!! Yoggo Yow!! Waa gwaan TamFam?? Mi deh ya, mi deh ya, mi deh ya. Jus a gwaan hol it up ya inna Obama Lan. But it obviously wont be Obama Lan fi long, come November 8 smaddy else a goh lock it. Hopefully it a goh tun inna Hillary Lan, she have nuff blemishes but she far betta dan Missa Chump. In any case it nuh matta who win, caa whoeva win a goh goh tru a piece a hell an powda house. A bare drama afta di nex US president get inaugurated.

Anyways, as usual mi waan big up all a mi Ragashanti Live listeners pon Tambourine Radio. Bless up unu self same way. Now fi di mix-up

Mi seh it aready an mi a goh seh it again ... nuff a unu need fi careful wen unu a tek phone fram ppl. Nuff a unu a goh all out fi ppl buy unu phone an nuh know nuttin bout weh dem a put inna di phone before dem gi unu. Pree da mix-up ya:




A woman buy har husband a Galaxy phone. Di man happy soh till. Boss staat do road wid di phone an a gwaan wid bare tings. Fi a long while him neva actually have sex wid any bunnawoman, most a di time him jus a flirt wid woman pon him phone. Den him move up to dem a sen him juju pics an him a sen dem pics a him penis. Den him move to di woman dem a sen him videos a dem a do all kinda supm to dem selves. Yeah, whole heap a masturbation an bare tings.

Tings reach di point weh him staat video himself inna self-pleasuring pon di bed weh him share wid him wife. It look like some kinda weird freakiness did a gwaan inna di videoing caa him end up a put on some a him wife lingerie wen him a do di supm dem to himself.




All dis time him wife a see an a hear everyting weh him a gwaan wid, caa before she gi him di phone she put a app pon it weh automatically 'mirror' or 'clone' everyting weh him a do pon anneda phone weh she have. Soh di wife did a hol it di whole time despite all weh him did a gwaan wid. But wen she see him inna har lingerie inna dem bed a masturbate inna video fi a nex woman weh a bruk him out inna di freakiness, dat mash up har head. Is like she did a manij everyting up to dat point, but she jus' lose it wid di lingerie ting.

Soh she get mad an move to him. Wen she staat reel out him deeds of course him shock. She tell him she feel like she nuh know him an ask him if him gay. Him seh no. She seh di ongle reason she believe seh him nuh gay a because she know fram di phone spying seh a di woman weh him a link wid did seduce him fi do di freakiniss inna lingerie (it look like at first him did resist, but di gyal did bad pon har lyrics an eventually sweet mout him into a kack up inna lingerie an masturbate). An di wife also seh because is a woman and not a man him did a wear di lingerie fa, dat also mean seh him nuh gay. Him wife den tell him seh even doe she would be devastated if him did a have sex wid anneda woman she wish him did a sort out anneda woman instead a back him fist inna lingerie.

In the end because di wife did frighten an freak out, wen she move to har husband she fly har mout an mek him know bout di secret app pon him phone. Since den she nuh see di husband a gwaan wid anyting wid any oda woman. She nuh know if him totally stop gwaan wid tings or if him still a do-so do-so but jus' naa dweet wid di phone, eeda way she seh she naa spy nuh more pon him, caa she nuh waan find out nuttin weh she cyaan manij.

Awright, a leggomentz again. Sen mi unu drama dem at See unu nex Thursday same place ya soh inna di Star. Bless up unu self.


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