We need to stand up for justice

October 31, 2016

My heart has been heavy and my spirit angry at the recent spate of killings of our nation's children and the blatant disregard for life.

From the flaws and loopholes in our justice system, to those who use those same loopholes to their advantage, to those who sit idly by and just pay lip service to a system that does not seem to protect all citizens.

When will we the people get up and stand up for our rights? A so we a go mek Nanny and Marcus Garvey dem blood go in vain?

Until we renounce the concept of 'see and blind, hear and deaf', we will continue to suffer at the hands of heartless criminals and an antiquated justice system which needs overhauling. If everybody 'see and blind, hear and deaf', when you're in need of help and justice, no one will be able to see or hear your cry!

When I heard about the death of young Nicholas Francis from Jamaica College, it cramp and paralyse mi entire system fi know seh him family lose a promising youngster because of a callous monster. But mi no ignorant fi di dutty animal alone. Mi ignorant fi all a di people dem pon di bus! Where were you, the people, to intervene, to intercept and stop the situation from escalating? Yuh mean to tell me seh everybody sit down and watch the predator prey on a child and nobody say anything? A wonder if unnu know seh di pickney blood deh pon all who saw and sat idly by and mek him dead?!

We the people have failed young Nicholas and the many other children who suffer at the hands of adults! How the killer manage fi jump off a di bus? How come nobody never stop the bus and everybody rush off a di bus go catch him? How the killer manage fi push the child outta the bus and get pass the conductor? Mi can almost guarantee seh anyhow dah bwoy deh came on the bus without his fare, him couldn't pass the 'ducta' and come offa the bus inna one piece! Mi can bet again if the bwoy did a exhibit any open 'fish' tendencies, him probably wouldn't mek it offa the bus either! Only certain things draw the ire of this country - and sometimes some things weh shouldn't even concern we! Where were the people on the bus?! We can't expect police to investigate and the court to prosecute if we don't play our part as citizens. We have to stand up and speak out for what is right because it could be your child, your nephew, or grandchild next!




We can't continue so! Criminals feel emboldened to rob and kill at anytime because they feel safe among the people. Some a dem dutty thief yah must have an icebox inna dem chest, because dem no have no heart! Is like from dem born dem a nyam tun cornmeal an salt mackerel! Is like dem never get a mother's love and breast milk! Is like the pestilence dem never get no Alacta One Plus nor no Enfamil! Dem evil and cruel to humanity! Good God, man! The people dem nice, clean, promising pickney?!

I agree that children should be warned to be careful when using cell phones or other gadgets, but a thief will steal anything at anytime! So if it's not a phone, it could easily be a schoolbag or a watch or shoes! A thief is just a thief, and a murderer is just a murderer! Incidents like these speak to the gross lack of respect for life and how far removed the society is from the principle of being our brother's keeper. I send my love and empathy to Nicholas' immediate and school family. All now mi heart a pain mi!

One ting mi know, though, all who think dem can use tactics fi beat the law of the land cannot beat the law of God. Fadda God no wear pajama and mi sure the tears of the mother, father, sisters and strangers will not go in vain. We are all a part of the system, and the only way to get change is to agitate for it and get up off our laurels and stop mek everything be nine-day talk and then it's back to business as usual.

Khajeel Mais could've been the next lawyer and Nicholas could've been the next neurosurgeon, but we will never know because their young lives were cut short as they died innocently, like so many others! How many more will have to suffer? How many more will have to die? It is a sad state of affairs. When will the people make the change that is needed?

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