Careful Wah Yuh Waan Know

November 24, 2016

 A woman up ya a Obama Lan suspect say har husband a bun har, but all she try fi ketch him she can neva get fi dweet.

Eventually she an him a hol a general reasoning an in passing him say him a goh buy himself a new phone fi him birthday.

Same time di wife start pree say dis could be har opportunity fi run een pon him wid di bunning. She mek sure she run goh buy di phone fi him.

But before she gi him di phone she well load it up wid all kind a spy sinting pon it. 

Well, of course di husband did tek di phone, widout having a clue bout di bag a sittin dem weh load up inna it.

But hear wa, pon di day wen him get di phone him did put it inna him car wid di intention fi open it wen him deh pon di road an staat use it.

Howeva, before him decide fi open it him stop a one a him bunna woman ends an she see it. She get excited bout it an beg beg him di phone.

A helleva begging she puddung. Di husband now goh decide say since she so badly want di phone right at dat moment, him coulda jus gi har da one deh an goh buy back di exact same one fi himself.

An dats exactly wa him do!!!!

Now in case unu a tink say di wife end up a get information weh she neva set out fa, unnu wrong!!! She get all di info weh she did want, an more!!

But di bonus was she hear an see almost everyting weh di bunna gyal a gwaan wid wen har husband nuh deh bout.

Di bunna gyal have three odda man an di wife end up a know everyting weh she a do wid dem. Di husband all have two odda bunna gyal, weh di phone-bunna gyal know bout.

Yups….wife know everyting, everyting!

Di ongle ting did a badda har is if har husband use condom wen him sleep wid di bunna gyal, an she was able to confirm dat him put on condom everytime.

So fi a long time all she do was jus listen an watch di recordings. Den one day she jus reach a point weh she mek what may seem to be a weird decision.

She goh to har husband and explain everyting to him bout di phone an di bunna gyal an simply say “I’m not ever going to tell you to stop. That’s a decision for you to make yourself.”

Den she jus lef an goh mek him dinner.

She say she neva eva spy pon him again, an fram dat moment fi more dan a year now har husband has been incredibly sweet and good to har.

Da part deh neva new to har doe, caa she say he has actually always been really great to har an always gi har a di best a treatment, even wen him a bad a road.

Di ongle ting she notice bout him is dat now him always a wonda if she a cheat pon him…which she say she’s not.

But jus like dat, she run dung di information an confirmation bout har husband, den once she get it she really nuh do nuttin wid it, but jus mek har husband know she know…an den she jus let it go.

Awright, a deh soh it deh fi dis week. Sen mi unu drama dem at Road!


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