Fidel tan up strong like rock of Gibraltor

November 28, 2016
File Fidel Castro salutes during a speech in Havana, Cuba in May 20, 2005.

Mi wake up couple days ago fi hear seh the great Fidel Castro dead! Him probably did tink seh him a go see one nedda Chrismus, but di Almighty did have odda plans fi him!

During roughly the past 50 years, the name Fidel Castro has been in the news for one reason or another. In fact, since the end of the second World War in 1945, when one mentions the names of influential world leaders his must be mentioned.

Mi ah talk bout di real big man dem inna history - real general dem like Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela, and more recently Barack Obama.

Yow, mi naw tell nuh lie - Fidel Castro name haffi deh right up ah di top wid dem people!

Mi nuh know bout oonuh but when me tink bout 'revolution' a three ting come ah my head - de French Revolution, de Haitian Revolution, and de Cuban Revolution.

Oh, mi figget - yeh - Dennis Brown big tune too!!!

Fun and joke aside, if yuh look inna de dictionary fi ah definition ah 'revolution', ah Fidel Castro pickcha yuh a go si!

The name Castro has become synonymous with revolution, revolutionary, freedom fighter, the man who did not succumb to western capitalism, and the one who did not bow to the mighty America. After overthrowing Fulgencio Batista's regime in Cuba in 1959, through his "July 26 movement" with the help of people like the late great Argentine revolutionary Che Guevara, Fidel Castro has left an indelible mark on the world.

Castro forged serious alliances with the Soviet Union in the late 1950s and established the first communist country this side of the world. This was in the midst of the cold war between the East and West, angering the mighty USA.




This prompted the so-called failed Bay of Pigs military invasion in 1961 when the USA, through its Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) tried to overthrow Castro. The world came close to a nuclear crisis as the USA and the USSR had a stand-off. Fortunately, good sense prevailed in the end.

Fidel tan up strong like a rock of Gibraltor since den! Dem seh dat ah whole heap a hundred a time ... over 600 attempts dem try fi kill him but as Prince Buster seh "what ah hard man fi dead"! Look wah kill him - old age of 90! No sah! If yuh fi drown, yuh cyaa heng!

Castro was a controversial figure who was loved and hated alike. Many saw him as a cruel dictator who oppressed his people. Others saw him as a modern liberator along the lines of a Simon Bolivar.

It is widely acknowledged that Cuba's education and health services are amazing, and many have benefited, including Jamaica just 90 miles away and countries in Africa, Central and South America. All this was undoubtedly due to Castro.

The news of his death saw many crying, while others rejoiced, especially those Cubans who fled to Florida. Love him or hate him, Fidel Castro has changed the world forever. Who knows?

He might have been correct when he famously said - "History will absolve me".

The view that many have of El Comandante is coloured by what mainstream media has fed them over the years. It may be viewed as propaganda or the harsh reality, but no matter the side chosen, Fidel Castro is a name that will live on.

Mi hear some people a joke seh Castro survived 11 US Presidents, but couldn't even manage two weeks of Donald Trump! Di people dem bad like wah but sometimes yuh haffi tek bad tings mek joke!

Nobody no perfect but we can admit that there are many admirable qualities about Fidel Castro that we can hardly find in leaders and people in general today.

Stand up for what you believe in and do so with fervour and integrity. Walk good, Sir Fidel Castro. Adios.

Until mi catch up wid mi linky dem and talk di tingz oonuh tek care yuh hear!! Mi a go look mi Chrismus clothes!! Lalalalalalalalala!!!

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