Freaky Phone Prekeh

December 08, 2016

Yoggo Yoggo, Yow!! Waa gwaan TamFam?? Mi deh ya, deh ya a hol it same way inna Obama Lan.

Watch di ride ya now. A bredda a shot it pon a highway up ya an deh pon some heavy flirting wid him bunnawoman.

Dem did a chat bout a bag a supa freaky tings weh dem a goh do wid dem one anneda.

Di conversation was such dat di bunnawoman did a propose some new tings weh she say she finally feel comfortable fi do to him. Di boss get excited, like wow.

Di bunnawoman den tell him say like how she a goh tun up har freakiniss, him a goh haffi do di same. Him agree.

Him staat reel out some crazy, nasty ultra-freaky sitin weh him a goh put pon har.

But inna di miggle a da talk deh, di call drap. Because him a drive an haffi a pay attention to di road, an because him did deep up inna explaining, him grab up him phone and excitedly redial him bunnawoman.

As she ansa, him immediately staat continue talking bout di bag a freaky tings weh him a goh do to har.

Mi cyaan put di tings dem weh him did a talk bout inna dis ya article - dem way too nasty fi di STAR.

Him reach a point wen him pause fi di bunnawoman respond. Same time she say: "Yuh done?"

And immediately afta, a piece a shock bax him inna him nastiniss wen him realise a him wife deh pon line!!!

Yups, him did get so excited fi redial di bunnawoman dat him accidentally dial him wife!!

An di wife a sample too, she jus tan silent an mek him chat an chat an chat.

Di way how him frighten, him cuss a badwud an heng up him phone. But him wife jus call him back same time.

Right away di wife ask him if a dem breed a nastiniss him out a road a gwaan wid??

Him staat buck-shuffle wid nervousness an a chat bare foolishniss. Di wife end up a tell him say since a dem tings deh him out a road a gwaan wid, she waan experience dem too, an she a goh find a young bwoy an pay him fi do di same tings dem to har.

Peeps, yuh nuh know say di husband tek it to heart an bruk dung pon di phone wid one piece a cow bawling. Him nuh stop beg him wife not fi goh do di supm dem.

But di wife nayn a chill, she mek him know if she did have a man ready she would goh dweet right away.

Di husband still plead an say him a goh leggo di bunnawoman an dat him an him wife fi goh counselling.

Di wife jus mek him know she doan care wa him waan do wid him bunnawoman, an dat she nuh waan talk bout no counselling until afta she get har freaky fix-up fram di man weh she a goh find fi dweet.

Since da talk deh, di husband draw dung to nuttin, mawga dung bad. And a deh soh it deh fi now ... stress a buss up di husband an di wife a line up har freaky shellings.

Aay sah ... yuh see da supm deh weh name cell phone ... .

Anyways, a leggomentz again. See unu same place ya soh next week Thursday inna di STAR. Sen mi unu drama dem at Bless up unu self.


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