The amazing phenom called Usain Bolt

December 12, 2016
@Normal:Jamaica's Usain Bolt at the premiere of his documentary film 'I Am Bolt' at the Odeon Cinema in Leicester Square London.

Yow, mi nice, good, nice and clean peeps, mi naw lie, when man good, man good, and when man great, man great!!! Mi seh when yuh big, yuh big and when yuh large, yuh looogeeee!!!!

I am talking about none other than Jamaica's most famous citizen right now - our distinguished, world-conquering Ambassador Dr The Hon Usain St Leo Bolt!

Last Tuesday, I had the honour of hosting the premiere of the movie/documentary I Am Bolt at the National Indoor Sports Centre.

Oonuh done know me awreddy!! Mi naw go miss a chance fi put on some bashment clothes, especially fi celebrate wid di real big man - Usain! No Sah! Ohhhh! Weh oonuh tek mi fa!


hard wuk necessary


De evening sell off wid di fantastic movie putting di icening pan de cake! Truth ah truth - mi coulden keep mi eye dem dry at all! Mi so proud ah mi fellow Digicel brand ambassador Usain so til mi glad bag waan fi buss!

His life's story has been chronicled in the books and numerous articles written about him, and I will not regurgitate what has already been said.

Nevertheless, mi waan fi use Usain's success story fi highlight dat anything is possible if people have ambition, believe inna demself, and put in di hard wuk necessary fi succeed!

Many persons, especially the millennials, have a 'microwave mentality' where they want success and riches now without putting in the work and waiting their turn.

Many think success is magic, and that it happens overnight by cutting corners and being dishonest.


gaining inspiration


I honestly think that this movie should be shown in schools so that the children can see what hard work and dedication looks like, gaining inspiration and motivation.

Mi woulda like di dutty badmind people dem fi watch it as well, di one dem who see we when we reach but never see when we a put in the work!

When mi watch di movie and yuh see di tings dem dat Usain haffi go through wid him

training, mi seh, "No bredda, dat nuh normal!"

From his many injuries, to maininting the bar that he has raised so high, to be on a strict and regimental diet and function, mi a tell unnu seh is a whole heap a tings!

When nuff ah we a catch some bull-dawg snoring, him up early inna de morning ah run lap and do some exercise deh weh mek mi ignorant fi every gym equipment!

Even through his injuries he still had to be working hard to protect and cement his legacy, to prove the haters wrong, and silence his critics all while being under immense pressure to deliver!

No braa-braaa! How many ah we woulda mek dem sacrifice deh? Put fun an joke aside, him parents, coach, and di odder people dem who help him fi be so focused and disciplined haffi get whole heap ah props to!

Usain's story is one that is worthy of emulation. Not everyone was born to be a 'Bolt', but if Jamaicans were to try to achieve even 25 per cent of what he has done with honesty and determination, then our country would be much better off!

Usain big up yuh status. Yuh mek all ah we so proud and happy and help fi lift up wi country pan anedda level!

Jamaica and di region blessed big big fi own yuh!

Hollywood next mi seh fi yuh ... Oscar settings! Who nuh like dat can drop asleep....! Save some ah de foreign exchange fi mi! Laalalalalalalalalalalala

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