Wa Inna Di Car Trunk?

December 15, 2016

Dis woman have a fren weh more while dem dress a each oda house wen dem a guh do road togeda.

Dis one time wen she a dress ova di fren house she notice seh she a blaze some new, unique underwear weh she neva see she wear yet.

She tell har seh she like dem an ask har weh she buy dem. Di fren tell har seh she did jus want a change inna har panty styles, an tell har di name a di store weh she buy dem.

Sometime later di fren goh a one a di store a look fi di style a panty dem fi buy some fi har self, but neva see dem.

She guh several oda stores inna di chain an still nuh see dem. She staat pree seh har fren goh roun har an neva tell har di truth bout weh she buy di panty dem.

Anyways, one day har husband come home an as him come outa him car smaddy call him.

Wateva him an di smaddy a talk bout him tell di person seh him have it inna him trunk right now, but den tell di person seh him wi call dem back lata wen him get it fram di trunk.

She deh deh a listen an immediately wonda why har husband nuh jus go ahead right there an tek out wateva it is outa him trunk.

She neva seh nuttin, but decide fi watch har husband. Lata wen she upstairs inna dem bedroom she hear har husband downstairs a call smaddy. Suh she run guh a har window fi see if him a guh to di car.

She see directly inna di car trunk wen him open it. Him tek out one box. But she quickly notice seh two odda bag did still inna di trunk.

She grab har phone quick an tek a pic a di bag dem.

Afta dat har husband come een, suh she neatly guh dung stairs an quietly a pree di box weh him bring een.

A did really tools fi true. Di nex mawnin she guh work an staat show har co-worker dem di pics weh she tek a di bag dem.

She ask an eventually smaddy tell har weh di store deh so she mek a trip go.

Wen she waltz een deh she nayly drap dung wen she see seh not ongle a just bath suits and underwear di store sell, but also dat dem have di same exact new underwear weh har best fren a wear!

Suh she staat pree seh if a really har husband buy di panty dem fi har fren, den dat mean di two a dem inna tings.

She decide fi staat keep a close eye pon dem, but all she a watch an a investigate she cyaan ketch nuh funny movements.

She did notice dat di fren has always been tellin har bout a man weh she a date, but wen she investigate she realise seh more while wen har fren seh she do so-an-so wid di man nuttin nuh guh suh.

So why har fren go outa har way fi create a fake man, an continuously lie bout him wen she neva need fi do so?

Anyways, caa she still nuh find nuttin exact fi link har husband wid har fren, she a remain patient an still a investigate.

She seh she might buy some a di underwear dem an sen it to di fren a har workplace an title it as a surprise 'from you know who' - an arrange fi deh near har wen it deliver an see how di fren react.

A dat mi get pon di mix-up, suh a dat mi gi unu. If anyting else develop an she tell mi, den mi wi mek unu know.

Sen mi unu mix-up dem at ragashanti@tambourineradio.com.


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