The idea that a woman is a man's property needs to stop

December 19, 2016
Police investigators at the Crystal Towers apartment complex, where a woman was murdered, allegedly by her ex-boyfriend, Phillip Brown.

Is like Satan leggo inna di island and a use the man dem fi carry out his savage and dastardly acts. Oh God man! What a man an a woman can have so that it warrant him fi tek her life? Kill her like a dog and rob family and her children of her presence.

A wah do some a dem Lucifer bwoy yah weh no stop mek woman life miserable and a haunt di woman dem?! There is no reason fi tek a woman life whether she give bun or lef a man! To how man give bun nuff woman a operate bakery an dem never go school fi it yet mi no hear nobody woman kill off di man dem.

Various items of news this past week in Jamaica were replete with instances of domestic violence and downright murder as men (including husbands and boyfriends) appeared to be killing women generally, including their partners or spouses with impunity. This was so distressing and shocking to me.




When I think about the families and friends left behind to cope with the savage ending to the life of their loved one mi heart really goes out. This idea that a woman is a man's property ... like we chattle need fi stop. This ownership and entitlement syndrome from slavery weh nuff man still a perpetuate needs to stop. Nobody no own nobody and absolutely no has the right to take a woman's life because she wants out of a relationship.

I know that not every woman is perfect or even good but, generally speaking, particularly from my experience, women are hardworking and quite often many are the ones who run the household, look after the children, pay the bills and try to make relationships work even though they have been hurt and disrespected. Many times when a woman walks out of a relationship she has been enduring unhappiness, unfaithfulness and unkindness from her man for years and just reach her breaking point and call it quits.

Why not respect the woman's decision to move on and end the relationship cordially and in a civil manner especially when little children are involved? When the man dem kill the women then either kill themselves or they get arrested what happens to the lives of those children?




The experts will tell you that there are many reasons for domestic violence including jealousy, envy, insecurity when the woman is earning more money, frustration and just downright psychotic behaviour. Plus we have a culture where many women feel coveted when dem man tell seh if him cyaa have dem no other man cyaa have dem. Or if yuh lef dem dem ago kill yuh.

Nuff man nuh waan leave di ooman dem alone after dem bruk up and gwaan like seh dat dem have title fi de people dem body! Dem man deh fi tek weh demself! Big up to the real man dem who know seh dem naa kill no woman an kill themself or commit no murder because a woman wants to end a relationship or otherwise. Heartache hot, yes, but prison life hotta!

Plus the disgrace, pain and suffering that famously and friends haffi endure it's just not worth it. A nuff fish inna the ocean. If one gone find another one!

The hands that rock the cradle rule the world and if our women are killed and treated with such savagery it speaks poorly about our nation. And for the people dem who a tek picture of the dead people dem body an a put pon social media mi a beg unnu have some respect fi di dead. Remember they have families, children and friends who no want to see their loved one in that gruesome state.

Di man dem need fi get a hold of themself and the women need to draw a line as to what is acceptable, and anything look and sound funny nip it in the bud!

Man fi love up ooman and treat her with respect and dignity. Love no just mean sex alone. It's about how you treat a person when you an dem not even on the best of terms. It seem heartless to know that two people share themself with each other, be intimate, share children, merge and forge families only to take her life over some stupid dumb reason.

To all those who have lost a loved one, my condolences. May their souls rest in peace.


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