Make 2017 your year

January 09, 2017


Twenty-seventeen is officially here and whether or not yuh ready, yuh betta fit up yuhself fi tek it on!

Life is not easy but we can try and make the best lemonade from the limes thrown at us, and use stumbling blocks to lift us higher. More time, it's all a matter of perspective.

As mi granny woulda seh everybody have dem sore foot, but it's about reaching down into the core of your soul to find your passion, purpose, and drive so you can be the best version of yourself.

The time some people tek fi chat, class, and bring down other people they could spend the time trying to better themself!

New Year's resolutions are not to just be written down and left to gather dust, but they should be attainable goals for which you are prepared to put in the work and achieve.


most creative people


Start off with that which is achievable and start where you are.

It is important that you believe in yourself and your abilities! Jamaicans are blessed as being arguably the most creative people on Earth!

We need to tap into our entrepreneurial ambitions and step up we money game so that we can have multiple sources of income!

Fi all who can cook, bake, sew, construction, whatever talent yuh have or hobby fi di 2017, mek we see how we can monetise dem!

It is unwise fi just a waste yuh talent and a give it weh fi free and not benefitting from it!

Mi want encourage unnu not to be afraid of success! Yuh have some people who want yuh fi always deh a scratch. They will discourage you from doing anything to elevate or uplift yourself because dem big an lazy and no have no ambition!

Check yuh circle and see who yuh have inna yuh corner because your circle can determine your altitude in life. Don't be afraid fi step out in faith.

Pray to Fadda God and beg him for guidance and protection as well as to send help along your journey to actualise your dreams!


something positive


Start use the Internet and the smartphone dem fi better unnu life, instead just fi fass pon people page and leave negative comments.

Try and do something positive everyday to uplift yourself and others, and yuh frighten fi see how yuh life can turn around if the carelessness cut out!

Mek we tek the time to design the life we want and be true to ourselves about the things we need to change weh a hold we back from being the best version of ourselves and fix them.

It won't happen overnight but the greatest thing is to start.

Let us live 2017 with purpose, and mek we go get everything they said we couldn't have.

Love unnu, all the best! Lalalalalalalalalalalalala!!!!!

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