The church is too silent

January 11, 2017
In this 2014 file photo christians turned out in their number for a rally in Half-Way Tree Square, St Andrew, that was organised by Christian group, Jamaica Churches Action Uniting Society for Emancipation in protest against what it considered a growing threat to freedom of speech.

Pree this daring drama. A 17-year-old youth is shot dead after the taxi in which he was a passenger collides with your BMW X6 luxury vehicle. You refuse to hand over your licensed firearm for forensic examination by the police, your file at the Firearm Licensing Authority mysteriously disappears, and the said gun is even alleged to be connected to other murders. Yet, after a prolonged trial with many twists and turns, you walk free.

And, imagine this strange story. A man known to you is found dead in your living room with several stab wounds, and there is no sign of forced entry. You tell the police you were not feeling well, you were soundly asleep in your bedroom, and you don't know anything about the killing. Yet, no charges are brought against you. You're not even arrested or treated as a suspect.

How could things like that happen? You tell me nuh, because I really and truly don't know. I can tell you where they happen though. They happen in Jamaica. A Jamaica that is a case study in contradiction. A Jamaica where social status stands tall over truth and rights, and where money and power trump law and justice.

Then check this other scenario. Your so-called Christian leaders organise massive meetings and marches and wage righteous war against even the slightest suspicion of moves to accord basic human rights to consenting adults who choose to be in same-sex relationships. And they get loudly vocal in expressing holy indignation because a typical dancehall scene is depicted on the cover of your telephone directory.

Yet, when a 64-year-old pastor is caught in a sexual situation with a minor, they're strangely silent. And as the story unfolds, we are discovering many other things. Yet, there's no loud condemnation from the righteous leaders. Dem volume turn dung or dem sound lock off?

People like that pastor only give true Christians bad name, as genuine disciples are called to share the blame. But as Christ taught us in Matthew 13, some a wi a wheat and some are tares. And both shall grow together till the day of harvest. Then, the wheat will be gathered in His barn, but the tares will be burnt! Yeah, a fire fi dem!

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