Children must be protected

January 16, 2017

The same God weh dem stand up pon the pulpit and praise is the same God that will expose the transgressions of those church leaders and attendants who betray His word and lead His flock astray!

Is like nuff a di church people dem nuh remember seh God nuh wear pyjama! He never sleeps or slumber. He sees and knows all. My column is not to pronounce judgement, but to open our eyes and mouths to see and talk about those who prey on the innocence of our children. There are many ?persons of interest? in the web of lies and deceit, who betray the interest of children for their own selfish gains.

A longtime big man a sex off little girls. Men from the highest and lowest ranks in our society, and a nuff people know and turn a blind eye to it! Some are acting so surprised and flabbergasted when dem know and sometimes facilitate these crimes against the young and vulnerable among us. We need to cultivate a society where paedophiles know that there will be no safe haven for them, as they will be brought to justice and they will be exposed.


Big uproar


The silence of the church on the matter of child predators in their flock is deafening! Recently there was a big uproar about the picture on the front of a telephone directory, and it was vehemently denounced. All now mi nuh hear the church choir dem a sing and denounce pedophialia in the same way as when dem a lash out against gays, abortion, fornication and the other sin dem! Is like the church major inna dem minor! From the saint to the sinner should be held accountable if yuh rape, violate or molest children! Mi hear some a seh there should be compassion for the pastor who is alleged to have carried out this heinous act, but I ask the same church what about compassion for the victim(s)? It?s as if nobody is praying for her or concerned about her trauma! If a big dutty grey tone man a go impose himself on children, he must be prepared for the consequences of such actions! Nobody never send call him!


People poor


The mumma and the puppa dem who pawn out and prostitute out unuh sons and daughters fi grocery, money and likez, the blood of Jesus is against unuh! Poverty is no excuse to prostitute and pimp out your children! A nuff people poor, but dem have dem morals and values! Nuff people poor and would never sell out the innocence of their children to pay a bill. Any parent who put out dem pickney, and is in collusion wid the paedophile dem dem fi get lock up and go dung too! Yuh pickney a come home wid grocery and other tings weh yuh nuh buy or can afford, and as a mother or father yuh nuh investigate down to the nitty gritty? Yuh in league wid di nasty dutty man! May God stop unuh like how him stop Saul pon Damascus road!

The principal, who put herself in this sordid story by being present and visible at the court for the accused 64-year-old pastor, Rupert Clarke, made a professional and personal error. It was a lapse in judgement of an otherwise accomplished educator. It must, however, be noted that she is not charged with any crime neither was she aiding or abetting the said pastor. It is obvious that sense and sensibility fled from her consciousness at the time based on her affiliation with the wife of the pastor.

However, I don?t want the narrative of this story to move from the pastor to the principal! It is the pastor who the police allege was found in a compromising position with a child! Some people have some skeleton weh would a full up a whole cemetery! The pastor is the one accused of the crime, and the focus ought to be on him! The principal has to be reprimanded especially because of the post she occupies and the sensitive nature of the case. But a nuh she cut up Jesus slippers, so she can come down off a the cross now! She get crucified long enough!

The church needs to come out in a strong decisive way when their members betray God, a society, children and anyone vulnerable. This case is not just about the church because many men and women outside the church are doing the same thing. Many times the maestrosity incidents happen a nuh nobody far. It?s usually family members, friends or someone close! Look out, speak out and expose them! Too many children grow up with trauma and hurt and are unable to function properly in society because their innocence and childhood was taken away. If you know of these acts being committed, and you say nothing, you are just as guilty as the perpetrator! God nuh like ugly, so try talk up and protect our children. Our future depends on it!

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