Man a look man a Ghana

January 19, 2017

Yoggo Yow Yow!! Waa gwaan TamFam? Man deh ya same way a juggle an a survive. Right yah inna Obama Lan everybaddy a wait fi see wa a goh happen wen Redman tek ova.

A dis Friday a him inauguration. Whole a people who neva straight wid dem papers inna a mad rush ya now fi straighten out dem ting caa dem nuh know wa Redman a goh gwaan wid afta him swear een. Bare drama.

Suh peeps unu nuh know say mi goh Africa fi di second time last week. Last year mi did deh a Ethiopia an last week mi did deh a Ghana.

It was a great trip fi real. Mi learn nuff sitin bout we ancestors an guh tru some emotional tours bout wa an wa gwaan wid di slaves dem. Naa lie ... it did well deep.




But pon a different level of course some drama guh dung ova deh weh mi waan rinse. Wen mi did ova deh dem did jus have dem general elections.

One a di opposition party win, an get out di paaty weh did inna powa fi eight years.

Inna my hotel yuh did have all dese non-Ghanaian people a have all kinds a meeting wid people who a guh comprise di new govament.

One white Englishman did inna mi hotel a meet wid a whole heap a dem. Everyweh mi tun a him dat a meet wid a different Ghanaian.

One night it look like him drink too much inna di bar downstairs a di hotel, an allegedly put some arguments to a Ghanaian man!

Yeah, di Englishman did a look a Ghanaian man. It look like di man weh him did a look know him wife too. Di man call him wife a England an mek a complaint to har.

Di wife den call har husband an cuss him out. Him den goh back to di Ghanaian man an seh a lie di man tell pon him.

An a deh suh everybaddy inna di lounge hear di whole mix-up wen dem a argue. Di Ghanaian man hold hard end an say yes a true, dat di man did a look him di night before.

A suh di Englishman bawl out seh him cyaan believe him cyaan goh back a England to him wife, an him cyaan stay a Ghana caa him reputation gaan, suh him nuh know wa him a goh do.

Afta dat him lef di lounge an mi nuh know wa happen to him afta dat.

Aay sah ... anyweh inna di worl yuh guh mix-up de deh.

Well a movements again. Sen mi unu drama dem an unu mix-up at See unu nex week same place ya suh. Stay safe.


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