Wifey plan fi har husband

January 26, 2017

Bragadap brap brap!!! Big up all Tamfammers. Bless up all Ragashanti Live listeners ova www.tambourineradio.com.

If yuh dish it, yuh will get it.

Mix-up time! Big up to di Jamaican man up ya inna Redman (Trump) Lan weh married to a Russian woman an' end up inna one hell eva prekeh. Bossy always a hype pon him friend dem seh dem a eediat fi go deh wid Jamaican woman because dem nuh waan do di tings dem. Di man bruk out di Russian.

How him actually dweet was fi tell har bout dem need fi always spice up dem relationship, an' dat one way fi do dat was to always have surprises. A so him always a buss out wid some unexpected tings when dem a sort out. Chains, whips, tie-ups, toys, strange places, a whole heap a sup'm. Yuh would a tink a 50 shades of grey, purple, blue, red or orange.




Anyways, one day him bring ova three female friends weh him say a him co-workers. Di whole a dem deh deh a drink an' a party. Afta him wife well drunk, him an' di fren dem put on a serious fivesome pon har. Dem give him wife a propa rinse out. Dem do all kind a tings to har an' mek she do a whole lot a tings.

Di nex day, di wife mek him know she vex seh dat was di plan di whole time. She tell him she neva like how him set har up. Of course, again, him mek she know seh it was jus a surprise an' dat him jus a spice up di relationship.

Anyways, almost a year pass, an' one day him an' har go a one a har Russian relative house. When dem reach, it was three male relatives. While him deh deh, dem drink an' party til him drunk. People, di three man a neva nuh relatives an' dem rinse out di husband wicked! Dem do some sitten to him weh mi cyaan put ya so - except to say something enter inna a everyweh pon him! Dem do him bad. Him couldn't even walk when dem done wid him. Wifey neva wile him an' set him up back.

Afta everything, him go fi baseball bat fi beat him wife. Miss Lady jus roll out pon him wid har real male relatives dem who inna di Russian mob! Dem a propa gangsta. Him couldn't do har nutten an' did haffi jus hold him cawna.

Afta dat him wife lef him. Him then start walk roun' a tell him fren dem seh him did haffi run har weh cause him get betta gyal. Only fi him fren dem buck up wifey an' she give dem di real hundred.

Seet deh, another one a force people inna extreme freakiness an' cyaan manij it when it drop back pon dem. Every action breeds a reaction.

All right, a leggomentz ya now. Sen' mi unuh drama dem at ragashanti@tambourineradio.com. See unuh nex Thursday, same place ya so. Bless.


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