There is a place for laughter in religion

February 22, 2017
Free up your face and refreshen your soul with music and laughter for 2018.

Listen nuh, I don't know about you, but I know I couldn't fully exist without that medicine called laughter. Yes, peeps, the good old Jamaican technique of 'tek kin teet kibba heart bun' has been one of my biggest sources of maintaining my sanity.

Trust me when I tell you that if I never learnt to see the humour in all aspects of this absurd thing called life, I woulda probably run stark staring crazy already. And if I never mastered the art of laughing at myself, I woulda drop dung and dead from an overdose of anger, anxiety and depression long time.




Yeah, peeps, laughter is and has been a vital source of therapy for me. And beyond the entertainment value, I know that comedy can be a great tool for improving relationships and building better communities. Comedy is great for defusing tension and increasing harmony. I know that from experience because jokes saved me from many a beat-up from bullies in my high school years.

Now, I'm not saying we should spend every waking hour laughing incessantly. No, there's a time and place for everything. But some people too serious and solemn and humourless, yah man. Some people behave as if spiritual depth and a sense of humour are mutually exclusive. And a lot of them love to use their religion as excuse. Many Rastafarians, Moslems, Christians and people who embrace other expressions of faith are sometimes a little too serious in their general demeanour. Is like dem tek God so serious dat dem vex wid the whole world. What you think?

Well, I was guest on a radio show last week Wednesday, where the topic of discussion was 'Comedy and Christendom'. We had a healthy discussion on the whole question of whether there's a place for laughter and humour in the world of Christian evangelism and ministry. And like I shared with the hosts on that programme, I believe some Christians especially the men are too serious and boring.

We supposed to be able to blend praise with laughter, nuh true? Well, me and my friend dem think so. That's part of the reason behind the introduction of a novel concept in entertainment called 'Praise and Laughter'. Yeah, folks, the new one-of-a-kind series a go buss this Saturday at C&C South Beach in St Andrew. Gospel heavyweights will be sharing stage with the kingpins of comedy, and I promise you this: it nah go normal!

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