Police storm house as African man has sex with Italian woman

March 16, 2017

Mi deh ya a juggle inna Europe fi a bit. Deh a Italy ya now. Dem have all kinda issues ova wid some people who nuh like oda people base pon how yuh look an weh yuh come fram. But mi naa lie ... so far a bare love mi a get ova ya. Di people dem have been so noice to mi .... an mi haffi give tanks fi dat propa.

Mi a goh deh ya fi a bit leading up to mi party a Bologna. Sottotetto Club a goh tun ova!! Mad supm!

Anyways, as usual, mixup deh everyweh yuh goh, an ova ya is no exception.

Soh yuh have dis bredda ova ya who deh ya fram an African country. Look like tings haad fi him an him nuh too have nuh abiding place. Man inna di street regular a beg money wid him hat. Anyways, dis Italian woman did staat help him out wid likkle food an likkle money weneva she could. Dem eventually know one anneda good-good an reason all di time. Two-twos she invite di man a har house fi dinner. After a while, a regular di bossy drop pon har ends fi him food and reasoning.

At some point dashing out staat gwaan an dem a do di supm dem. But wen it a gwaan a bare bawling an screaming miss lady gwaan wid, caa she say di boss strength big an heavy an dat him know how fi spank har good.




Anyways, a ongle daytime dem do dem ting a har house wen har man gaan work. Har neighborhood is very quiet soh wen she unda di hammering an a bawl out everybaddy inna di area know.

Soh now, one a har neighbour parents come visit fram di country. Di neighbour goh work an lef di parents at har house. Bossy goh ova miss lady an staat deal wid har wicked ... as usual. She staat bawl an scream unda di treatment ... as usual. Di neighbour's parents dem hear har a bawl an a scream fram di pumpings an run goh call police say smaddy a murder a woman next door! An dat dem need fi come now now, now before she dead!!! DWL!

Police fahwud wid several cars, flashing lights an bare excitement, ongle fi hear say a jus miss lady juju did a get di murderation. Embarrassment buck!

Wen di woman man come home some a di neighbour dem gi him di hundred say a long time bun a reach him an him need fi govan him ting soh him wife put a stop to it an stap bait up di area. Him an di woman still inna di house togeda an nobaddy nuh know wa dem a goh eventually do.

Mi feel she a goh eventually run it pon him again ... caa she weak to it an love it too much.

Awright, cutmentz time again. Sen mi unu prekeh dem at ragashanti@tambourineradio.com.

See unu nex Thursday same place ya soh. Bless.


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