Barcelona Mix-up

March 23, 2017

Hear waa gwaan.

Unu nuh know say a Barcelona, Spain mi deh right ya now. Yeah, a deal wid a small one month course ova ya.

Soo pretty much all a di students inna di school are international students. You name di country an at least one student fram dat country deh ya.

One young lady fram Lithuania deh ya. Frisky lakka wa. She have one likkle bwoy weh she a juggle wid. Everybaddy know say dem a do di supm dem.

But while di girl flirty bad, di bwoy a dead ova har. She goh roun an friendly-friendly wid di man dem while him always a watch har like a ju-ju-watchman. Bun mi fi him esi.

Anyways, di girl deh ya fi di entire semester, an used to link wid a black yute fram London who did deh ya before fi ongle two weeks.

Di London yute nuh do nuttin betta dan fly een fi surprise har. Wen di boss buss een pon har she couldn’t even ansa immediately, caa she an di present bwoy did a 'dweet' an har mout did 'full'! 

Di London yute see har wid har full mout an bawl out a ask if a dis him fly all di way come ya fa??


She run ova to him an a tell him say a fi him fault cause him shoulda tell har say him a come. Him staat cuss a say a she gi him di impression say dem deh.

She a try touch him an hol him an him keep on a bax weh har han an a push har weh. Same time di present eediat one run ova to Missa London an say sitin lakka “Yo dude why di F-word yuh pushing my girl?”

All who a watch di drama buss out a laugh di way how him fu-fool. Right away Missa Londoner chuck off him face an say supm lakka “white boy yuh better back up” — which neva mek sense cause di girl white too.

Afta dat a bredda weh work a di school come tell dem fi done di drama. Everyting calm dung wid, get dis, Missa London a stay inna di girl room so dat dem can 'talk it over', while di present bwoy weh did a full up har mout haffi leave an goh a fi him room fi di night.

Ole eediat. Cause yuh know Missa London muss put on di lashings inna di night deh. Well, a dat mi tink.

Di girl roommate say she did haffi jus tek dem phone offa di hook caa di present bwoy nuh stap blow up di phone fi talk to di girl. KMT.

Everybaddy a talk bout dem.  

Awright, leggomentz. Sen mi unu mixup dem at See unu nex Thursday same place ya soh. Bless up.


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