Tax pon light bill wicked

March 27, 2017
Kelly Tomblin (left) president and CEO of the Jamaica Public Service Company. At right is Dan Theoc, PS Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

Hail mi good, clean and nice peeps! Mi love oonnuh yuh si! More dan bread love butter, ackee love salt fish, rice love peas, pigtail love stew peas - well, oonuh get di idea!

Before mi seh anything else, mi waan fi thank oonuh fi di great, lovely boonoonoonus birthday wishes mi a get from yuh fi mi birthday all now! Mi naw tell nuh lie, oonuh mek mi feel magnificent - not a year younger dan mi 21 years old!

One ah dem day yah mi wi share some cake wid oonuuh! My family, friends and fans made me feel so great that mi almost forget bout the Budget. The 2017-2018 Budget Debate was recently concluded and I had to pay attention to it as I, like everyone else, will be affected.

I hope everyone paid attention to this important discussion, as it affects every single person in the country - down to di dog and puss weh walk pon de street! In fact, as I have said before, we must all do our personal budgets to guide how we live, spend money, etc. We must not live above our means and put our hats where we cannot reach them.




The Budget Debate occurs in Parliament every year and sees the Government outlining its plans for the upcoming fiscal year. What it plans to spend, the policies which will drive such expenditure, and how it will be able to pay for the said expenditure.

This is usually done through taxes - especially if we have not been producing enough to generate badly needed income, particularly foreign currency. The Opposition gets its chance to respond and usually attacks the Government's plans, highlighting problems, weaknesses, etc.

The Budget Debate is usually entertaining as the politicians often go at each other with cross-talk and interruptions, which are often witty, evoking laughter.

Nuh watch no face wid di entertainment value, di Budget ah serious sinting - ah crocus bag a tingz! Decisions mek which a go affect wi lives in a whole heap ah way. Ah dem time yah taxes lick wi to back foot and dig out wi pocket! Tek, fi instance, di announcement of di tax pon light bill.

Electricity rates muss go up now and ah wi haffi pay fi it becausen seh mi know dat JPS a go find every way possible fi pass on any increase! Dis kind of increase often have a domino effect and cause odder tingz fi increase.

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