Man a look waitress fi him girl

March 30, 2017

Yoggo Yoggo Yow!!!! Mi deh ya, mi deh ya, mi deh ya. Waa gwaan TamFam?? Hope everyting good wid unu an nobaddy naa obeah unu, or a tief nuttin fram unu.

Caa wi know di ole crow bait dem deh bout.

Anyways, hear wa ... mi still deh a Barcelona, Spain, an as mi always seh, mix-up deh everyweh.

Suh as mi tell unu last week mi deh ya a Europe a do some month-long intensive courses inna Italy and Spain. An di likkle school weh mi deh inna Spain have whole heap a bright ppl ya, but suh dem brite, a suh dem full up a mix-up.

Now yuh have a coffee shop in front a di school weh nuff a di students dem guh cause it conveniently close. Two a di waitresses ova deh hot lakka wa. Dem roun up, look good an dem baddy a cuss bay bad wud.

Anyways, a bredda an him woman always eat an drink a di shop. But di bredda always a look one a di hot waitress dem wen him woman naa look.

For example, as soon as him woman gaan a bathroom a bay lookings talk him a fling pon di waitress. It look like di waitress did a get tyad a him an decide fi mess him up.

Two days ago di bredda woman step outside a di coffee shop fi talk loud pon har celly. As soon as she tun har back a di bredda dat roll up pon di waitress a block har an a claat har up wid bay sweet talk.




Di waitress wait till she see di man woman fahwud inna di shop, den BAM!!! She jus grab di boss instrument an staat squeeze it.

Bossy bawl out!! Inna Spanish she tell him seh him a badda har, an dat him nuh have no respect fi him woman.

She den call him woman an a tell har all weh him been a gwaan wid. Di whole a we de deh a seh 'rahtid bossy house mash up ya now', only fi hear him woman seh, dat a she been a sen har man fi talk to har, dat she like har, an would love if all three a dem could a get togeda.

Obviously she a pree a threesome. Di waitress shock, she tun eediat, leggo bossy tool, staat stamma an a walk back an forth like she lost inna di likkle shop.

Everybaddy staat laugh an a seh tings like "daaaaammnn!!".

Afta dat di waitress compose har self an calmly tell dem she not interested. While she a walk weh di man woman a tell har she fi tink bout di proposal, den turn to har man an a tell him seh him did too aggressive an dat him coulda did smoother inna him approach. DWRL. Mi cyaan badda!

But dem tings deh a gwaan long time still ... woman a sen dem man fi look odda woman. It's an interesting world out theeeeerrrreee!!! Lol.

Anyways, a move up time again. Sen mi unu drama dem at See unu nex Thursday same place ya soh pon mi endz. Bless up unuself.


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