Politician Draamer!

April 20, 2017

Jah know star, a hope dem nuh beat mi fi da one ya.

So mi have a long time link a Jamaica weh a she seh money straight. Gyal look good, body a cuss bay badwud, roun up an bay tings.

She staat a ting wid dis well known politician, in Jamaica of course. Because him a sen on crazy money an a tek care a har expenses she decide fi buss him pon di good-good.

Dem staat di messing around an wen tings a get hot she neatly position fi him do 'da sumting deh'. Hi staat goh roun di ting suh she neatly carry it back to him face.




Him still nuh waan dweet den a guh tell har seh him neva dweet yet, an dat even if him staat dweet him ongle a guh dweet wid him wife.

But my fren done know seh him is a liad! Him good wid him mout wen him chat politics, but da mout deh good fi oda tings too.

Unbeknownst to him, my fren already know a nex bunnagirl who him used to juggle wid, an did she tell my fren all a di tings weh him gwaan wid.

Di man freak meter buss offa di scale!! An anytime him sort out, yuh woulda tink him a dead fi hungry di way how him love, uuhh, well, 'consume'. Lol.

Anyways, di way how my fren terrible, she jus staat softly an gently mek him know say she know say a lie him a tell an dat she know seh him dweet.

Widout calling har link name she staat explain, mi a guh seh, the highly unique elements of his impressive oral accomplishments. Wooooiiiiiieeeeee!!! Mi cyaan bada!!

People, wen she bax him wid him obvious and undeniable mout facts, di dawg get bex an staat cuss bout how some gyal chat too much an ray ray!!

She jus mek him gwaan run off him mout an let off steam an wen dem get back to bizniz she jus again neatly guide him right back dere.

Afta likkle hesitancy, she seh di boss deal wid di matta wicked! Mek she speak inna tongues (pun intended) an wriggle-up wriggle-up inna a whole heap a 'S'. Lol.

Bossy spank har propaly wid di leda tongue! Unu doan bada ask mi a who cuz I never reveal names!! Neva!! But at this particular moment I feel compelled to at least appease you the reader with a song from my school days, "How 'green' you are, how 'green' you are, how 'green' you are, how 'green' ... ."

Waaaaaiiiiieeeeee!!!! Smaddy stap mi nuh!! Nuh wanda dem did a presha di commission deh fi tek mi offa dem air. Lol. Listen mi nuh, mek a goh bout mi bizniz.

A leggomentz ya now. Sen mi unu mixup dem at ragashanti@tambourineradio.com. See unu nex Thursday same place ya soh. Bless up unu self.


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