Some men are scared of love

May 03, 2017
An employee holds a rose made out of bacon at a restaurant which is offering it as part of their Valentines promotion, in Manila, Philippines yesterday. A dozen edible rose shaped bacon bouquet costs P2,200 (about US$44) and can be delivered to love ones during Valentines Day as an alternative gift to sending real flowers.

Hey you! Yes, you. Mi have something fi tell yuh. No, is not nuh whole heap a horse dead and cow fat. I just want to say mi love yuh! Yeah, fi real. Learn dat. And is not just chat mi a chat.

Listen nuh peeps, big and serious, I truly believe that the sincere expression of genuine love doesn't require any special reason or a season. And every chance I get, I will arbitrarily tell the people I love that I love them. This is partly because it makes me feel good, but mainly because it usually also makes some people's day a little brighter. Yeah, love is lovely.

Well, on a whim, I sent out a barrage of 'I love you' last week. It was also a small social experiment with very interesting results. I simply sent the words 'I love you', nothing more, to about 25 people via WhatsApp. Many of the respondents just returned the love. A few of the women, though, responded with queries, either because they weren't sure it was meant for them or because they somehow feel when Jamaican men express love it is usually the start of some transactional conversation that is heading towards sex.

But the response from some men were really interesting. Nuff question signs came. Some wondered whether something must be wrong with me. They figured perhaps I was terminally ill and about to die, and that's why I was telling people I love them. Generally, though, their responses suggest that some men are really seriously scared of love.

One young sistren who knows that I really love her, but kinda vex wid mi because a visit is well overdue, responded with a cheeky note saying, "Oh there you go with your words. Being able to show it would go much further."

I hit back with a reminder that we should be wary of discounting words. After all, the Almighty God spoke words to create life, and as the Good Book tells us, 'in the beginning was the word'.

I also reminded her that although we are accustomed to hearing that action speaks louder than words, volume is overrated. Me, I prefer clarity.

Yeah, peeps, in the recently released song Trueversation featuring Junior Gong, Queen Ifrica eloquently and beautifully tells us "Action speaks louder than words, not in all cases. Words can take you very high places." I totally agree. How about you?

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