People manners gone pon holiday

May 08, 2017

My good, clean and fantabulous peeps! How unuh do? Well, as fi me, the way Magnum Kings and Queens sweet Saturday night, mi still a laugh after Skatta and how him obeah man scam him! Rankin Pumpkin still a hold tight, and the rest a contestant dem a gwaan good! Please remember to vote for your favourite contestant, because it a get down to the wire right yah now!

Mi naw seh nutten new when mi seh dat Jamaica deh under whole heap a problem, especially crime and violence. A nuh dat alone. Nuff nuff other tings a gwaan, including various issues wid children. Nuh just di other day one likkle girl an' har school principal kick off big big an' it inna di news? Teacher and student problem a gwaan from before, but dis seem fi go to a different level!

When mi a penny everything, mi siddung and really start fi hold a meds an' a try pree wah a really gwaan inna dis yah beautiful country!

After cogitating for a while, I came to the conclusion that the reason for many of the problems being experienced in Jamaica today is simply because we seemed to have abandoned many of the good values from the past. I am not suggesting that things in the past were perfect as there were still issues, but based on what I have been told, coupled with what I have seen with my own eyes, things were not so bad as now.

What happened to the 'values and attitudes' programme that former Prime Minister P.J. Patterson started in the early 1990s? Seriously, from Parliament to community to household, in every nook and cranny across the country, we need to reclaim many of the good 'manners' from the past.

As di iconic Miss Lou use fi seh, "Howdy and tenky no bruk nuh square." Good manners nuh cost nutten! Nuff time people pass yuh pan di street and yuh, tell dem gud mawning, and not a word from dem, not even a look! Some time if dem look pan yuh, it seem like dem a wonder if a rob yuh waan fi rob dem!




Mi all notice seh nuff likkle pickney a diss big people inna whole heap a way! Dem walk right in front ah dem widdout even saying "beg pardon"; dem chat loud loud and even cuss bad wud in front a dem! Yuh tink we coulda ever even think fi do dem tings deh when wi did likkle? W'appen to 'excuse me', 'please' and 'thank you'? W'appen to di kindness neighbours use fi show one anneda? W' appen to R-E-S-P-E-C-T? No sah! Dem tings deh seem fi migrate or gone pan holiday!

I believe that the breakdown of the said values is the link between the increased criminal activity and other problems we are experiencing. The adults have to take some responsibility, as it appears that we have often left the youngsters up to their own devices. In many instances, we failed to pass on the good things we learnt from our parents and others. The early signs were there, and we did nothing to prevent the rot from setting in. Give somebody an inch and they will take a yard. That is what many of the problem-makers have done. Once children are seen hinting at going down the wrong path, we have a duty to stop them, or at least try. We fail at our peril.

Wi haffi do everything inna wi power fi get back some sanity inna di place. It nuh too late. As di late Michael Jackson did sing, wi haffi look pan di man inna di mirror. Tek di beam outta wi yeye dem and mek di change. Mek di improvement start wid we. Wi haffi bring back di good old days, although mi did hear one man seh fi him good old days nuh come yet!

Until next time when mi talk more a di tings, mi wish fi unuh all di best fi diss ya new week!

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