'Equal Rights' showing up the hypocrites

May 22, 2017

Jackass seh di worl no level and it is so true, especially here in Jamdown.

We really owe jackass an apology, because it look like seh a woman alone fi bite, chew, blow, swallow, gargle and be freaky!

I'm amazed at how the Equal Rights song has unhinged so many hypocritical men.

Mi never hear no man, or woman for that matter, up in arms about songs that promote women being freaky or performing oral sex on the man.

From Baby Cham's Boom in the '90s to Kartel's Freaky Gal, to Gage's Throat and Alkaline's call for a 'wash', mi neva hear no big outcry or uproar.




It was OK wid all nuff a di woman dem! Herein lies part of the problem as well, because nuff woman mek some johncrow feel like dem a hummingbird, because dem drop dem standard pon the ground!

I bet yuh if when the dutty song dem play and the women stood still and no give the song no 'forward', it wouldn't reach so far!

The amount a freakiness wah di hypocritical man dem want women to do, when God come him would never have a use fi we!

Ce'Cile and Tanya Stephens had said it before, so it is not a novel concept. However, I'm still appalled that in 2017, the response is so vociferous.

If a man or woman no inna certain tings, that's fine, and truth be told, matters of the bedroom ought to be kept there and not discussed in a lewd way.

By the same token, if the man dem a bring it to the table, why can't we?! Some man a talk bout women can't do what a man do and be a lady, and nuff a dem mother have six pickney by five different man!

Mi wonder if dem consider she a lady! That is cheap reverse psychology they employ to try and keep women 'in their place'.

I'm so disappointed at some of the comments and reactions that Equal Rights has revealed. So all this time, if oral sex was so demeaning, why should women perform it?

Some man a seh dem have daughter, so dem nah promote it, yet the songs that spoke about how the men should drop their scrotal sack in your daughters' throats, a dat unnu promote?




Di man dem shoulda happy now seh dem daughter can have an anthem to know that she, too, deserves equal rights and justice!

My slogan is: "If yuh not into it, don't ask for it because if yuh put it to me, mi a go put it to you! If it good fi di goose, it good fi di gander!"

All some man wid some rotten teeth a di front a dem mouth and some onion breath a jump up and a bite up themself! No need to do that, sir, 'cause anno yuh the song a talk bout!

It is imperative that as women, we carry ourselves in a dignified and respectable manner so as not to open ourselves to certain disrespect.

If yuh lay yuhself careless, some bwoy will want to take step wid yuh! It betta dem seh mi hype, than mi common like salt! Equal rights and justice for all! A dat mi seh! WHO VEX?!

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