Need for oral sex causes divorce

May 25, 2017

Woooiiieee! Mi deh ya, mi deh ya, mi deh ya! Wah gwaan, TamFam? Hope everything good wid unuh, and nobody obeah nah batta unuh nastiniss.

Bless up mi Ragashanti Live listeners pon Tambourine Radio ova Big up unuh self propa.

On to di drama right away:

Da one ya a from several years back still, because Ishawna's Equal Rights song a cause one bag a ray-ray, mi decide fi buss it pon unuh.

So yuh waan see years ago dis ras and him woman a mek life inna Jamaica and a cut and go through. A relative of di woman file fi she go 'Merica. Before she left, she tell har man seh once she save some money, buy a place and sekkle dung a farin, she a go fahwud back a yaad and married him and bring him up. And jus like she promised, afta a few years a farin, she touch back a yaad and married har man and file fi him.

When har man fahwud a Florida weh she live, as him reach up she tell him seh she haffi give him a talk. She explain to him dat inna di years since she deh a farin, she did a tek one and two man here and dere.

She seh di man dem buss har pon di swiping ting and a probably di best ting eva happen to har. She seh when she get it good nobody inna di world nuh more happy than har. She seh it reach di point weh she cyaan deh wid a man who nah dweet. She tell him seh she know him bun out dem ting deh but she a beg him jus fi try it jus fi she, him wife, and dat she will dweet back to him too.

Same time har husband get vex bad and start cuss up bay bad wud and bun har out wicked! Him tell har she cyaan kiss him again and him don't waan she cook no food fi him. Afta one big argument, she tell him seh dem relationship nah go work and dat dem haffi go get a divorce after all a him immigration papers complete. She also seh him free fi stay a di house as long as him want while him straighten out himself fi go pon him own. But she mek him know seh she a go get a swiper man fi regularly fahwud a di house fi put on the tongue servicing pon har.




Har husband, di ras, bun har out again and seh dat nah happen! But it did happen. Di ras end up a sleep inna di couch and stay downstairs all di time. And twice a week a likkle man fahwud a di house, walk right pass di ras and go upstairs go beat up di wife juju wid him tongue strap. Yeah, di ras tell him fren seh when di swiping connect pon har upstairs a bare bawling out fi Jeezas she rinse. Him say anytime di 'tonguings' reach har she cyaan even walk dung di stairs good.

Di ras did all a tell him fren seh him cyaan live so and did a go back a Jamaica. But him fren tell him fi hol' it until him can get someweh then him can leave. Mi nuh know wah eventually happen 'cause as mi seh a long time mi did get di mix-up. But it just goes to show wah some ppl haffi put up wid fi get di likkle Uncle Sam paypas.

Anyways, cutmentz again. Send mi unuh drama dem at See unuh next Thursday same place ya so. Bless up unuh self.


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