Story bout di ex and di un'ex'pected

June 01, 2017

A taxi man up ya pick up lady inna Manhattan. She tell him fi tek har to har yaad a Brooklyn. While driving dem staat reason an find out say him a Jamaican an she a Trinidadian.

Dem conversation eventually goh roun to him a talk bout him family. Him tell har him jus lef a woman because everytime him an har argue she goh mek report to har fada, den di fada always come back a argue wid him.

Di Trini den explain say she did inna a similar situation wid a ex an him mada.

At a certain point a di convo di taximan goh explain say him ex did always a wonder what it would be like fi sort out wid a woman.

Dem did talk bout it fi a while until him an har did decide fi try a threesum wid anoda woman. Di plan was fi di ex line up di move wid one a har fren dem.

Howeva, di threesum neva work out because di ex say wen she show har fren him pic, har fren did get so excited, it did mek di taximan ex get bummy.

Same time inna di convo di woman inna di car say "Omg, is your name [so-and-so]!". Di taximan ansa "yeah, but how yuh know dat?"

Di woman inna di car ansa dat is because she was di fren fi do di threesum!! Den she tell di taximan weh him ex name. Di taximan confirm say a dat she name fi true.

Den she look pon him good and say is him did inna di pic fi true, only that he had on a low beard inna di pic. Dem laugh an a chat how amazing it is dat outa di whole a New York City dem goh buck up.




Same time di woman tell him say if him nuh busy him haffi come up to har apartment fi a drink. Di taximan agree an wen dem reach a har complex him park him car.

Ppl unu nuh know say one ting lead to anneda an di taximan an har puddung a helleva slappings! Fram di couch to di bedroom, bare shellings!!

Di woman say a one a di best sex she eva have. An wen dem done she tell him say wen dem did inna him taxi, as soon as she did realise say a him, she say she did immediately get excited.

She found it incredible dat him come drap right back inna har hand. She say a must destiny.

She an di taximan nuh deh, but up to now di two a dem still a sort out. And yes, she a still fren wid di taximan ex. And no, she don't tell har fren say she a sort out har ex. DWL. She say har fren nuh deh wid di taximan anymore so it nuh matta. Aay sah.

Awright, leggomentz again. Sen mi unu drama dem at See unu nex week same place yah soh inna di Star. Bless up unu self.


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