Having a child is serious business

June 05, 2017
Pregnant mother
In this 2008 photo, Venance Meja was seen walking along Camp Road with his children - Rebekah (left) and Raymond.

Child Month just gone and when mi hear about the atrocities committed by some adults against the children, mi heart burn mi. Sometimes it is out of the control of parents, but nuff time a wanton carelessness cause the pickney dem fi traumatise! Some parents know the judgment wah dem pickney a face and turn a blind eye to it because of likes or putting the interest of others before that of their child or children.

Nuff man an woman are having children as a consequence and not a choice. Some a dem 'ketch a belly' because dem haffi prove to society seh dem womb fertile or dem mate 'ketch a belly' so dem haffi ansa back wid a belly! The man dem want a bag a pickney fi prove seh him a nuh man guinep and prove seh him a breeda. In all of this proving, most times proving to the child that they are loved, protected and safe are last on the list, if at all.

Most times, some gal an bwoy have children for selfish reasons and the children end up paying the price; many times, with their lives or through emotional, physical and psychological abuse.




We have a culture weh build we and mek we great, but at the same time retards us in many ways. With the advent of social media, it continues to be evident. Some people don't post up dem children if dem no brown and have 'pretty hair'. If dem pickney no inna name brand clothes dem naw post dem.

Many dysfunctional adults today were dysfunctional children who grew up in a dysfunctional environment. If our children are not raised with good moral values, good self-worth and self-esteem, then we have failed them.

Children are not just accessories to show off or put in a corner when it is convenient. Parenthood should not be taken lightly and there must be a conscious effort to be the best parent one can be. Of course, it takes cash to care, but caring for and loving your children is not limited to money. We haffi do some introspection as to whether we ready to have a baby or not. Do not be pressured by people or society to make a decision that is going to affect the rest of your life and that of the child.

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