Bunna man burns down lover's house

June 08, 2017

Yoggo, yoggo, yow, yow! Wah gwaan TamFam? Bless up all ones and ones. Big up all Ragashanti Live listeners ova tambourineradio.com. Straight blessings.

Right away we a juggle up inna did drama. Fire!!

So dis woman inna di US deh wid a man weh live a Jamaica. Dem decide fi get married and him wi relocate to the US. Di marriage rinse and she start di filing fi him. Dem also decide fi buy a house. Di husband seh him wi tek care a all expenses fi buy di house. Di house buy and dem a gwaan juggle, but the husband still haffi inna Jamaica a tie up a whole heap a loose ends before him migrate.

Anyway, anytime di husband deh a Jamaica, di wife have a bunna man weh she a work wid. Di ole eediat go mek di bunna man start come a har house, di same house weh har husband buy fi dem. Dem sort out all ova di house. Dem christen almost every furniture inna di house. Di eediat woman all dash out har sitten a di poolside a di back a di house weh neighbours can peep and see wah a gwaan.




One day she lef fi work and lef di bunna man a har house. Di arrangement was dat di bunna man neva have fi leave as early as she did, and dat him woulda jus leave anytime him wake up. Di bunna man wake and cook some food. Him eat fi him share and share out some fi di wife. But di wife have dis ting dat she nuh like fi haffi a wash dishes all di time, so she always use paper plates fi food, and when she done she jus dash dem weh. Di bunna man a falla har rule and share fi har food inna paper plate, but lef di food pon top a di stove. Somehow di pilot light inna di stove go ketch di paper plate an cause a likkle explosion! Wen di bunna man hear di explosion, him grab him clothes an run out. By him run out a bigger explosion pop off! Mussi di stove explode. Di bunna man frighten so till him start run dung di street a bawl out like eediat! Neighbours come out and see him a run from di house barefoot, ongle inna pants, wid him shirt and him baseball cap inna him hand. Di neighbour dem call 911, and fire brigade come battle di fire, but di house bun dung flat!!

Di wife call di husband and tell him seh di stove explode and bun dung di house, and dat she a stay wid har sista.

Somehow di fire brigade investigators were able to figure out the exact cause a di fire from di paper plate. Di wife call di bunna man and ask him bout di plate and him explain wah him did do wid di food weh him share fi har.

When di husband fly up and a look pon di house, one a di neighbour dem tek time pull him one side and pinch him bout everything wah did a gwaan wid di bunna man. Also, in order fi get di mortgage protection from di insurance fi dem story did haffi go wid di account from di fire investigators. A so di husband pressure di wife fi tell him di truth. Eventually she give him di full hundred bout wah did a gwaan wid di bunna man. Dis and dat lead to dis and dat an eventually di husband file fi divorce from di woman.

Afta dat, di woman a draw back fi di bunna man, but him seh him nuh want har again cause she too salt.

Mi cyaan badda enuh.

Awright, mi a cut. Send mi unuh drama dem at ragashanti@tambourineradio.com See unuh next Thursday same place yah so. Bless.


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