Salute the legend, Usain Bolt

June 12, 2017
Usain Bolt greeting fans as he entered the National Stadium at the Racers Grand Prix on Saturday night.

The way mi heart full and mi glad bag buss fi deh a stadium Saturday night fi salute the legend, Usain Bolt, mi feel like a real Gladys Knight without di Pips!

It was a spectacular show of pride, honour and appreciation from the Jamaican people, who Bolt has made proud over the years.

People from every parish and all different countries fly in fi di event and it was truly well done! The only other time mi see stadium ram so a Champs time.

Mi never live inna di time of Marcus Garvey and Paul Bogle, mi neva get fi meet man like Nelson Mandela, but I'm happy to know that in my lifetime, I have witnessed a legend's rise.

When you think back to 2002 'til now and the unprecedented accomplishments of this great icon, it is magnificent!

From his charismatic personality, his signature 'lightning Bolt' pose, to the lift he has provided for the world of athletics and sports single-handedly, Usain Bolt is unequivocally the greatest of all time!

It is customary in our culture for us to honour and salute persons who have contributed significantly when dem dead an' gone, and this needs to stop.

We should not wait until people are old and decrepit to let them know that they are important and of value to our nation. Bolt come een like Micheal Jackson in that his ability and talent have impacted every generation.




Old people, young people, likkle pickney and all baby love Usain! Since Bob Marley, Bolt has been the most iconic Jamaican that has left an indelible mark on the world!

It come in like we need to name a parish after him! We must have statues erected all across the island so that the future generation can see a replica of what one can achieve if they are disciplined, if they make the sacrifice, and if they are passionate and committed.

Bolt is excellence personified and when mi get old and mi teet dem drop out and mi a tell mi grandchildren about Usain's last run at the National Stadium, mi can seh "unnu granny did deh deh!"

His retirement is bittersweet and, for many, the tears of joy flowed freely as persons were just in awe of this young man.

I hope the Government and private sector will move speedily to construct the Bolt-Mills Stadium and add Usain's journey to the school curriculum so that our youngsters can know that greatness is inside of them and they can achieve.

Though it was his last race in Jamaica, he will forever be running in our hearts and minds. He has contributed significantly to building and positioning Brand Jamaica in such a positive way that we all have benefited from it.

I want this celebration of our legend to be continuous so that he will always know we love and rate him because we will probably never again see someone as gifted and talented as Usain in our lifetime.

May the Lord continue to bless and keep him and may his achievements continue to inspire and motivate those looking on. Thank you Usain! A-Team to di Worl!!!! Lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala!!!

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