Lesbians pull a trick pon Casanova

June 15, 2017

Soh dis bredda a juggle tru a airport up ya an prips one a di worker in deh weh tan damn good.

Gyal roun up, curve up an bare tings. Soh him step to har an staat gi har a propa talk. Dem vibe mesh good an numba exchange.

Afta a while dem link up an slappings rinse. Dem did deh fi bout five months, afta which di two a dem jus slowly stap seeing each other.

Even though dem relationship did break up dem still did link pon di phone an always a reason.

One day him a shot it tru di airport again an see har again. She did a talk to one a har airport coworker. Him stop an hail har an staat notice har fren. Di fren tan good too.

Wen him reach home him call har an a ask har question bout har fren. She pick up say him like di fren an tell him say even tho she an him used to deal him can move to har fren if him waan.

She mek him know say she wouldn’t vex. Him rate har up fi dat an tell har fi set him up wid di fren. She goh tru wid di link an before yuh know it him an di fren staat date.

An yes, slappings staat wid him an di fren. Di whole time di new girl doan know say him used to deh wid di fren weh set har up wid him.

Anyways, eventually him really get fi like di fren, all staat feel like him a fall in love. Him staat ask di first link fi watch di fren an carry back news to him, an yes, she staat do all a dat fi him.

Dis cause di first girl fi spen more time wid di fren jus fi keep an eye pon har.

Ppl, yuh nuh know say afta a while di second fren staat like off di first fren. Yeah, she move to har an mek she know say she like how dem undastan each other an dat she been a fantasise bout har.

Two-twos dem staat sort out and end up deh.

Afta a while di two woman dem love dem one anneda so much dat dem decide fi neatly get rid a missa man. Dem put a plan togeda. Di first girl tell him say di second girl nasty bad!

She tell him a whole heap a disgusting tings bout har – all untrue - weh turn him stomach an mek him decide fi lef har. Him eventually tek weh himself outa di relationship wid har.

Him all nuh stop thank di first woman fi look out fi him soh him coulda lef di oda one.

Tings deh pon a level now dat anytime him a goh tru di airport him jus gi dem a hail, an all now him still nuh know say di two a dem a play him like a fiddle.

A guess, as di saying goes, ‘weh di yeye nuh see an di aise nuh hear, di heart nuh leap.’ A soh it goh.

Awright, movements again. Sen mi unu mixup dem at ragashanti@gmail.com See unu nex Thursday same place yah soh. Bless up unu self.


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