Fathers need love, too

June 19, 2017

The big hoopla surrounding Mother's Day is sadly not visible for Father's Day. On Mother's Day, yuh can barely find place to walk on the road, because baskets line the sidewalks as far as your eyes can see. The buzz in the air is palpable, and all the babe and suckling a celebrate. However, it seems like Father's Day come in like when rain wash out dance and yuh a wonder if it still a keep?! The level of excitement is just not the same, and it seems that way not just in Jamaica, but across the world. Mi haffi wonder to myself if is it that fathers have gotten a bad rap over the years or is society repaying them for abdicating their responsibility as fathers?

Is it that there are more good fathers than the deadbeat careless ones? Is it that we don't highlight the great fathers who make up the majority, but focus more on the absentee fathers? On my radio show, 'Miss Kitty Live' on Nationwide 90 FM, I have tried to acknowledge and celebrate fathers because I know that there are many good fathers out there who go above and beyond for their children and their families. They provide, protect and are present throughout the life of their children. Nuff man all a raise children on their own single fathers. Dem comb hair, iron uniform, help with homework, go to parent-teacher meeting and play a very active and important role with their kids.




As a society, we haffi start highlight and appreciate the good man dem, di real general dem, so dem can feel appreciated and loved. Let me hasten to say that nobody needs to pat a man on his back in order for him to do what is right and necessary, but encouragement sweeten labour!

Some women and men may think that fathers are not important and don't play a vital role in a child's development, but a lie dem a tell! Both boys and girls need their father! Some people may even argue that the decay we now experience in our society is largely because there has been a breakdown in the family unit. Too many fathers are absent, so dem not there to help instil discipline in their sons and give guidance as to how to be a man. As a result, nuff a di boy pickney dem don't respond well to authority, because dem a dem own big man from dem born! Many young girls now seek solace and money from older men because many of them have 'daddy issues'; and because there was no foundation set for their future, many of them had to go 'look it' from men two and three times their age!

Nuff woman fi tek responsibility in some fathers being absent. They use the children as pawns and pension plans to get to the man. A man may not have a trailer load a money, but him can still make a valuable contribution.

I think we need to start celebrating the good fathers more so as not to give the idea that absentee, deadbeat dads is the norm, because if we wish fi talk the truth, a nuff deadbeat careless mumma deh bout! I lift my hats to single mothers everywhere, but a mother cannot properly, adequately or at all father a child. Fathers are an integral part of the equation. As mi seh before, mi nah talk bout the sperm donor dem who have no paternal instinct or care, mi a talk the general dem!

For the fathers who've been doing it, we salute you. To the fathers who are not doing it, unuh need to step up and do what needs to be done.

Be the father that your children and society can be proud of. Be the father that YOU can be proud of! Respect and manners to all nice, clean fathers!

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