Deading with laugh

June 21, 2017

Look here nuh, a little dose of laughter can do wonders for our minds, souls and bodies.

And I've never heard or read of too much laughter ever killing anybody yet, so we need to laugh more.

And even if laughter could kill, I would happily embrace that as a great way to bid this ugly world goodbye. How about you?

Yeah, man, I have lived with laughter for all of my life. All when things seem too sad and serious I always take a pause and find a cause to laugh.

So having lived with laugh, I certainly have no problem if God and fate will it that I end up 'deading' wid laugh.

I can just see the epitaph on my tombstone now: 'here lies Blakka resting happy and sweet, a lifetime of humour now finally complete. He lived with laughter and died from kinteet!'

Yes, peeps, seriously speaking, we who have easy access to laughter and uninhibited opportunity to laugh should freely and enthusiastically indulge it every chance we get.

I firmly adhere to the exhortation to 'tek kinteet kibba heart-bun', as delivered by the late great Miss Lou.

There are displaced, sad, suffering people all over the world whose lives are so characterised by extreme terror and trauma that for them laughter is a luxury.

So we should laugh loud, laugh long and laugh strong while laughter is still possible, and not take our freedom to laugh for granted.

As I read somewhere once, 'when we take things for granted, the things we are granted usually get taken'.

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