Best fren tun enemy

June 22, 2017

Soh dese two woman a frens fi more dan six years. One a dem work in a nice job at a corporation, well paid an ting. Di oda one work in a department store.

Dem jus always tight and really close as friends.

One day di two a dem a roll an buck up pon a yute who was a high school fren of the one weh work a di department store.

She introduce him to di odda one. Cut long story short, di corporate one end up deh wid di yute, an di two a dem well happy.

Di department store one did happy say har fren end up deh wid har link fram high school. Everybaddy happy.

Anneda ting. Di one weh work a di department store always get some real good discount fi har corporate fren.

After some time all di yute weh deh wid di corporate fren also staat buy nuff tings wid di discount.

One day di department store fren tell di corporate one say she inna a serious medical bind and desperately need $4000 (US of course) fi borrow.




Di corporate one say she doan have dem kinda money deh. Ms Department Store insist an mek di corporate one know say she nuh have no one else to turn to and she really need the help wid di loan.

Ms Corporation ask har if she len har di money wen would she get it back. Ms Department Store say she would definitely get it back in two to three months.

A soh Ms Corporation decide fi goh inna one a har family investment an tek out di money an len har.

Three months pass, no money. Six months pass, no money. Soh Ms Corporation ask Ms Department Store waa gwaan.

She respond say three months more. Three more months pass, no money. Six more months pass, mekking it more dan a year now, no money.

Ms Corporation staat get upset dat di money naa fahwud an explain to Ms Department Store say a har family money an she neva mek dem know she withdraw it.

Ms Department promptly respond that right ya now she nuh see weh she a goh able fi find di money fi pay har back.

Ms Corporation get even more upset an staat mek up nize fi har money.

An a deh soh Ms Department shock Ms Corporation say she a wicked, caa she inna big job a mek nuff money an neva one day yet gi har big food, and cuss har say look how much discount she mek she get a har store.

She nasty har up say a she mek she happy wid man an can finally a get good sort out, an mek she know she NOT getting back di $4,000, an dat she did even fi gi har more money!

Ms Corporation shock till she tun eediat, cause a deh soh she realise di woman she has been calling best friend all dese years did really a pree har, a badmind har, an a plot fi har di whole time.

Needless to say di so-called 'frenship' done.

Sen mi unu drama dem at See unu nex Thursday same place ya soh. Bless.


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