Him dead from a broken heart

June 29, 2017

A woman jump inna a taxi a Manhattan an tell di driver "just drive" anyweh inna Manhattan, as long as di streets are public an lighted. So di taxi man just drive.

Him drive all over Manhattan. Di whole time di passenger jus a look outa di window.

After a while di taxi man ask har if she awright. She seh yes, and explain dat a traumatic ting jus reach har.

She explain seh she an dis man did deh fi eight years. She seh him was a good man, love har an tek care a har good.

She seh a him invest inna har an mek she buil har own career to di point weh she rich now. She seh after she get rich, him neva attractive to har anymore.

So afta a whole heap a back an forth, she seh she jus lef him. Afta she cut, him call har every day a beg har fi come back to him, but she neva did.

She have a favourite restaurant weh she love and she took a male co-worker there one day.

While at di restaurant har ex suddenly turn up. Him seh since di break up him always goh di restaurant to be reminded of her, an den him come buck up pon har wid man.

Him ask har if di man weh did de deh wid har was di reason why she break up wid him.




She now, thinking dat she want him fi leggo and not think there's a chance fi dem get back togeda, decide fi tell him di co-worker a har man.

Wen she tell him, har ex jus get quiet an turn roun an walk weh.

Three days later, di same day she inna di taxi, she get a call seh har ex dead! Di shock beat har bad! Wen she ask how him dead, dem tell har heart attack.

Now she feel cut up an a seh a because a di break-up and she lying dat di co-worker is har man mek him dead. Two odda tings mash up har head.

One, di sista of di ex seh fram him did see har a di restaurant, him neva eat di whole time straight till him dead.

And two, one time she an har ex did a reason bout terminally ill ppl who suffer great pain and want to mercifully pass on, an him tell har seh him know wid 100 per cent surety how fi tek a life and mek it look like heart attack.

Soh because a dat, she a wonda if him commit suicide.

She seh wid all di riches weh she have, she's now the most unhappy woman inna di world and dat she nuh know wa fi do wid har self. Sad.

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