See mi an come live wid mi a two different ting

July 06, 2017

Dis man an woman meet an link up inna New York City. Dem goh pon dates an eventually get fi like each other deeper.

Even though dem end up inna a relationship, neither of dem eva yet goh to di home of the other, or know weh di oda one live. Dem always goh a hotel goh do dem ting.

As dem relationship a buil, di yute notice say di girl always have dis big ting dat she coulda neva deh wid a wukliss man, an dat one a di ways she identify a wukliss man was any grown man weh still live wid him mada.

Di problem was di yute did still live wid fi him mada, an because a dat, him did always a fret bout wa him woman a goh do wen she find out.

Soh him talk to one a him sistren bout it an she advise him fi flip di situation. She tell him not fi tell him girl say him live wid him mada, but rather fi tell har say a him mada live wid him. LOL.




Him mek up story bout how long time ago him buy him house, an how, cause him mada sick wid cancer, him haffi keep har a him house.

Him girl fell for it. Not only she believed him, but she rate him even more fi wa she tink him a do fi him mada. An she nuh stap tell har fren dem how him own him house an how him ambitious.

Dem relationship continue until time reach fi him see weh she live. One night she tell him say him can drap har a har home. Wen him reach, him notice say she live inna one a di worst 'projects' one a NYC names fi a really bad ghetto.

Den him meet the two roomates fi har apartment, a go-go dancer and a prostitute. Den him notice say dem apartment dirty bad, kitchen sink full a dutty dishes, dutty clothes all bout, place smell frownzy, all two roach a run tru di place.

Di way how di place turn him off him not even stay, him cut immediately.

It did really turn him off say him girl did actually live unda dem nasty conditions deh and yet did hype soh much bout di type a man dem she like and di ones she a bun out.

Him neva have a problem wid di projects, a jus how she did hype. Him all staat pree how she always so judgmental about oda ppl who she tink nuh measure up to har standards.

And even though him did tell har lie bout him mada an har house, him staat pree say she too did hol back nuff fram him bout where and who she live wid.

All a dat jus lead him fi tell har di trute bout him mada an har house. Afta him tell har,.M she get mad an say she cyaan believe him lie to har dem way deh.

She say trust is di most important ting to har an dat she couldn't trust him anymore because a di big dutty lie weh him tell.

Di dawg say him stan up deh an a look pon har an a wonda how is it him coulda love someone fi so long and in one moment all di love disappear?

Afta she cuss him off him jus walk weh. They never spoke to each other again.


Awright, a leggomentz ya now. Sen mi unu drama dem at See unu nex Thursday same place ya soh inna di STAR. Bless up.

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