Water lock-off cost woman her man

July 13, 2017
In thsi 2013 photo, residents of Newlands and adjoining communities gather to catch water at the Portmore Pines wastewater relift pump station.

Peeps, da one ya kinda touchy, but mi a goh fix it up neat soh it able fi publish inna di STAR.

True story of course. Suh yuh have dis top man from Portmore. Him meet a sweet piece a woman. Gyal tan good like wow. Petite, dainty, pretty, eva dress supa sexy, ting tun up, body sky-up, di whole works.

Dem staat link fi a while an staat do-so do-so an a rinse di tings dem.

Now, as mi seh before, di boss ends out a Portmore - an a nuff paat ova deh always have wata supply problems. One a di outcome of dis is dat many residents ova deh have a whole heap a different, different ways fi store and use wata. Some ways are obvious an inna di open, like di big black tank dem weh yuh always see pon top a houses a Portmore - a wata inna dem.

Oda ways of storing wata ova deh are more discreet an hidden.




Anyways, one a di time dem wen di pretty, hot gyal sleep ova di boss house, she wake up an need fi use di toilet. Is not ongle pee-pee she did need fi pee-pee, she did also need fi do di oda ting.

Suh she roll up inna di boss bathroom an do har ting. But wen she done an a flush she notice seh di toilet naa flush. She try several times till she realise seh nuh wata nuh inna di tank. Afta dat she decide fi leave it an goh back goh sleep an plan fi tell di boss wen di two a dem wake up inna di mawnin.

Afta she goh back guh sleep di boss wake up inna di night fi goh pee-pee. Him frighten! Him cova back di toilet quick an draw weh fast. Him get bex cause him jus couldn't undastan why she neva jus wake him an tell him seh di toilet naa flush an him woulda mek she know how fi get di wata. Anyways, him organise di flushings.

Di nex mawnin him nuh sey nuttin to har an she neva sey nuttin to him. Afta she lef him neva call har again. Nuh knowins!

Fi months she blow up him phone a lef messages and texts a ask a wa she do mek him naa chat to har again? Him nuh ansa none a dem. Nuh knowins fi hottesha. Straight block an delete!

Suh one a di time him link dem suggest to him say him coulda get past di incident an forgive har. But bossy say no.

Awright, a leggomentz ya now. Sen mi unu drama dem at ragashanti@tambourineradio.com. See unu nex Thursday same place ya soh inna di STAR. Bless up.

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