Sex with three men in one day ends relationship

July 20, 2017

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On to di drama:


How Well You Know Me?


So dis man an dis woman link a Canada. Dem was jus friends, dem nuh deh, nothing intimate between dem. She always look out fi him, an him always look out fi har. But it did bigga dan dat. Nuff time him tell lies fi cova fi har an she tell nuff lies fi him too an protect him. Him always introduce har to anybaddy him deh wid, an she always introduce him to anybaddy she deh wid to di point where a regular dem go pon double dates, which means dat whoever each one a date always see di oda one a date smaddy else inna di same settings. This lead to whoever dem a date feeling more secure seh him an har not togeda.

Di ting though is that di two a dem a players. Him have several woman an she have several man. But each woman him deh wid doan know bout him oda woman dem, an each man she deh wid doan know bout har oda man dem. An di both a dem always tell lies and con fi dem one anneda.

One time now she unexpectedly end up inna a bind wid har man dem. She did line up a ting fi go ova one a dem fi dash out a sort out. But anneda one surprise wid a visit a har yaad before she did leave, an she did end up haffi gi him some, an him did put it pon har wicked. Afta da sort out deh she call har link an tell him wah happen, an explain seh she still haffi go sort out di oda one weh she did already plan fi link. So she go sort out di second one.




When she leave di second one, she mek him drap har a di mall. Inna di mall she buck up pon a third one who mek har know too seh him did want har right now fi a sort out. She did try fi get outa it but di dawg presha har an two-twos she end up a fi him house wid him a presha di meat wicked. Him woulda kill har wid wuk.

Afta she done, she call har fren an tell him wa reach har, dat ina di end she end up a sort out three a har man dem inna in less dan one day. An it not even did done deh so cause di one weh did link har first, wappy back pon har late inna di night an pump a nex roun pon har. So she end up a rinse four round a sort out wid three different man inna one day.

She call har fren an tell him how it look like di sort out dem mash har up cause she did feel sick, inna pain an bare tings. As usual har fren was very supportive of har an very helpful.

Cut long story short now, after more than a year later she an di fren actually start get close. Dem start sort out dem one anneda too. At first it was just fun, till dem start get jealous a one anneda an then dem decide seh dem love each other an dem fi deh. So dem go deh right-out an a gwaan good.

However, after almost a year a di relationship, di bredda start move a away. Him wasn't as supportive an did obviously a draw weh fram har. Wen dem eventually discuss di problem, him explain seh him been a try mek di relationship work but dat him simply unable fi get pass di day wen she rinse four round a sort out wid three different man. Him seh all di try him try fi get ova dat him jus cyaan dweet, an dat because a dat di relationship haffi done. An jus so, according to her, she lost di love of har life. Dem lef an ongle seh hi to each other at parties an in di streets.

Relationships are usually stronger when each partner knows the other really well, but that can also be the very reason some relationships will never work.


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