A COLE WORL': Angela used PhD to beat Audrey

July 31, 2017

I remember reading that "what one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving."

I can't remember which part mi read it, but somehow, I believe it applied to what I witnessed Sunday with respect to the election to replace Portia Simpson Miller in South West St Andrew.

I say the least they could've done was to give Audrey a chance, even if it was for long service and good conduct.

After all the dutty water and rubbish that she helped cleaned up in the constituency, it was truly sad that she was not handed the baton after Portia retired.

Angela Brown Burke (right) celebrates victory with former Member of Parliament for South West St Andrew Portia Simpson Miller on Sunday.

When smaddy can come inna yuh house and tek yuh seat from yuh, it must hurt enuh. Imagine, Angela had a constituency next door, but just like some neighbour, dem want what is over your yaad.

Audrey Smith-Facey served the constituency, not for 40 days and 40 nights, but for 40-odd years. She a walked in the wilderness for so long in South West St. Andrew that when it came time for deliverance you'd thought it would be automatic. But no, they looked at Audrey and tell her to step aside now.  

The election outcome, however, may be tied to the fact that Angela has a PhD and Audrey does not. In the campaign the pro-Angela people said Audrey would be a 'backbencher', unlike PhD Angela. The educational difference between the candidates showed up in the results, which wasn't really that shocking, to be honest.

Damion Crawford (left) and Raymond Pryce escort Audrey Facey to the voting centre in St Andrew South West on Sunday.

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