Sweet, strong Emancipendence

August 09, 2017
Many Jamaicans came out in their national colours for Grand Gala 2017.
One of the many spectacular moments at Grand Gala 2017 was the fireworks.

Look here nuh peeps. I had a great time these last few days on and in- between Emancipation Day and Independence Day. Yeah, man, my 'Emancipedence' week was strong. It was saturated with blessings, and it soared with inspiration. How was yours?

First of all, as divine direction would have it, I had the pleasure of performing MC duties at two equally beautiful and inspiring wedding receptions for two pleasantly different couples at two contrasting ceremonies during the celebratory week one wedding Emancipation Day and another on Independence Day.




The Emancipation event was held by my dear friends, Courtney Campbell and Christine Ryan, who basically 'did well an' married long time, but just finally decide fi kip di wedding'. They had a rip-roaring and unconventional celebration with both ceremony and reception taking place at Boone Hall Oasis. And with Pastor Bello as officiating minister, Blakka as MC and Harold Davis and friends providing entertainment, you know it wasn't normal.

The independence nuptials, now that was a delightfully different matter. It was a sweet church ceremony that saw Demar Dunkley and Shakerah Brown a charming young Christian couple joined in holy matrimony. God know, mi rate dem! I didn't know that young people like Demar and Shakerah still deh bout. They reportedly did the respectable, traditional thing of first forming friendship, then continuing to courtship and waiting until marriage before taking 'things' any further.

As shared by the groom in his remarks at the reception 'friendship first, then marriage, then bed'. So, as unuh can imagine, he could hardly wait for the ceremony to be over. I kid you not, the groom literally smiled from ear to ear from beginning to end and jumped for joy when the pastor pronounced them 'husband and wife'. And not surprisingly, they beamed and glowed as they danced to Marvin Gaye's Let's Get It On to the delight of the guests. The experience was beautiful, and I was blessed beyond measure to share in it!

Then look here nuh, although I missed Sunday's absolutely outstanding Independence Grand Gala at the National Stadium, I had an equally grand time working as MC for the Independence Fireworks showcase at the Kingston Waterfront on Monday. And it was especially 'grand' because I had two of my grandchildren with me. The performances were exceptional, the energy was amazing and the fireworks were breathtakingly awe-inspiring! Yes peeps, my wedding-infused 'Emancipendence' was sweet and strong and grand!


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