Salute our athletes no matter what

August 14, 2017

All now the whole world, especially we here in Jamaica, are stunned, sad, hurt and disappointed over the whole London debacle.

I support, respect and admire all of our athletes for their sacrifice and prowess, but everyone wanted this London legacy to be further concretised for the legend Usain Bolt and for Jamaica.

His bronze medal is special because mi know is because Usain has the heart of a champion why him fight hard to get it. I saw the fight in every stride and I felt proud of our Jamaican king!

God know, tears come a mi eye!

It hurt mi to me soul to hear and read some ungrateful and uncharitable remarks wah some people mek about our athletes.

It is okay to be disappointed, but instead of berating our athletes, why not look at the lesson to be learned and how to rebuild?

Nuff a dem a chat off dem face and they have never contributed anything of value to the nation! We must understand that winning a medal is not a right but a privilege.




Jamaica does not have unrestricted access to medals and though our athletes have cleaned up medals over the years, it is not a must that every time dem a go win.

Anything can happen when they step out on the track. That's how life is. They gave us many years of jumping and celebrating and have left an indelible mark on the world.

Little Jamaica is a big deal because of our athletes. So mi no want nobody a bash dem and a talk negative about dem. Some a di bandwagonist dem need fi go hide under dem bed and no come out at all!

Mi need a link pin, some consecrated olive oil, because mi want go meet the athletes dem a airport fi 'noint dem foot, dem heel, dem toe, dem belly and dem body!

Woooiiiee, mi belly root! Mi seh when mi see Bolt drop, mi nearly jump through di TV fi help him! Di whole a mi body cramp! It was wonderful to see how the other athletes rallied around him to lend support.

I'm still grateful that we came away with medals, because many countries don't even win one and many countries still no get the chance to go and represent among the best on the world's stage.

No one is indispensable, but some are irreplaceable and Usain Bolt is irreplaceable. His legendary status is cemented for life but he is human, too.

People forget about things called injury, fatigue, age, emotionally stress and all kinds of variables that affect people in a genuine way.

Our athletes have gone above and beyond for their country time and again, and we ought to appreciate that.

So instead of being judgemental and ungrateful, let us wish them the best and continue to support the black, gold and green. Thanks to all our athletes for your valiant efforts. We salute all of you.

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