Do you know what your future holds?

August 16, 2017

What or where will you be five years from today? Can you clearly visualise it? Can you see it in detail?

Yeah, one thing is sure; if you remain alive, you will definitely be five years older. Yes, peeps, we know that five years time we'll all be five years older, nuh true? That's simple.

But it doesn't hurt if we add up the numbers now though, and remind ourselves what age that will be. Note the number nuh. And ask yourself what will that mean for your life.

Will you be a retiree? Will you be able to join the senior citizen line in the bank? Or will you now finally be a legal adult?

Those changes will happen no matter what we do, because we have no control over the ageing process.

But are we fully aware that we actually have real power and control over what happens in other areas of our lives in both the near and distant future?

Are we conscious of the fact that whether we become a parent, or start to pay rent, whether we become richer or poorer, more in debt or more prosperous, brighter and more qualified or even more employable, is all in our hands?

These are some of the questions I explored in a really engaging talk I had with a group of youngsters in a summer programme in one of our inner-city communities last week.

I also took the opportunity to share some aspects of my own personal journey with the young people, encouraged them to reflect on their current situations and urged them to evaluate themselves honestly. It was a very inspirational and instructive experience.

It was interesting, for example, but not surprising, that the youngsters were adamant that they could never see themselves going to primary school without shoes.

They have to not only have shoes, but they have to be crisp, new, name-brand shoes! They were intoxicated with laughter, therefore, to learn that when I went to Trench Town Primary in grade one, I went there barefooted.

But they were soon sobered by the revelation that I was able to drive an SUV when I went back to that same school some years later as chairman of the school's board of directors.

So let me ask you readers again. Where do you want to be five, 10 or 20 years from now? And what are you doing now to ensure that you get there?

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