His girlfriend and har woman fren too close

August 17, 2017
Couple in trouble *** Local Caption *** Couple in trouble

This couple from Manhattan had met at a outdoor team-building retreat upstate New York.

Dem have common interests and likes weh primarily have fi do wid di outdoors. As dem relationship progressed di man did buy di woman a bicycle.

One day, di man a guh inna one Starbucks fi buy coffee an see di bicycle tie up outside. Him tink him woman did inna di Starbucks an did a look all over in deh fi har, but neva see har.

Him buy him coffee an wait outside fi see who a guh ride di bicycle. Later, him see a pretty black woman, who was obviously superfit and in great shape, come out an jump pon di bicycle an cut, (di man an him woman are white).

Him jump inna a cab an falla har. Di woman ride guh straight to fi him woman apartment.




Di man call him woman an tell har wa him see wid di bicycle an ask har a wah really a gwaan wid di black woman weh a ride it.

Him woman explain seh is har fren an dat she did borrow di bicycle fi tek a ride fi get likkle exercise. Di man say ok, an dat him glad say a neva tief di bicycle did get tief.

Him den seh him a guh up to him woman apartment fi meet di fren. Wen him guh up, him meet di fren an everyting cool. Him get a drink an dem a chit-chat.

Den him notice seh even tho him woman apartment have two bedrooms, a ongle one bed did pull-up an a ongle one bedroom appeared used.

Later inna di night wen him woman do di usual an come ova him apartment fi sleep, him neatly bring di conversation back to di fren an use psyche an ask him woman why di fren sleep inna di same bed wid har?

Him woman seh a suh dem always juggle fram long time. Di conversation continued wid him woman a reveal seh wen di fren come ova, she an har tek all showers and baths togeda, some a di baths a wid candlelight, dem soap up each other wen dem shower, sleep togeda, hug up an cuddle wen dem a sleep, and, wait for it, shave each other genital area!

Suh, of course, bossy ask har if she an di woman deh? She seh no, an dat a nuh da supm deh, but dat dem real close. Di man get mad an tell har seh she a cheat pon him wid di fren.

She wappy back seh she not having sex wid har fren, an dat even if she was, it wouldn't be cheating cause di fren is a woman, LOL, an dat supm mussi wrang wid him cause most guys woulda love fi hear seh him woman a sleep wid anedda woman!!

Dem continue fi war bout di fren, but dem still deh. We nuh know how dem a guh end up.

Awright, movements again. Sen mi unu mix-up dem at ragashanti@tambourineradio.com See unu nex Thursday same place ya soh inna di STAR. Bless up.


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