Everybody property

August 31, 2017

Yoggo, yoggo, yoggo, yow, yow, yow! Wah gwaan TamFam? Mi waan unuh walla inna mi usual blessings. Honour and respect.

On to di mix-up.


Everybaddy Sup'm


Dis lady live a Jamaica but work pon a cruise ship weh have it home port a Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She have har likkle man a Jamaica, and a juggle three oda man one work pon di same ship weh she work pon, and anneda one live a Fort Lauderdale. Den she have one weh live a New York weh fly down more while fi look fi har when har ship come een a Fort Lauderdale.

Di one weh work wid har pon di ship love har bad, bad, bad. Him know bout har original man a Jamaica and a work wid di programme. At first him and har did jus a have a fling, but after a while him start feel har deep. Him did hope fi she leave har man a Jamaica, but she seh she cyaan do dat and a so him chill and hold him status as number two. But him nuh know nutten bout har man a Fort Lauderdale and di one from New York.




One day now Ms Lady get extra friendly wid one guest pon di cruise. She and di man a vibe noice to di point weh she go back a him cabin. A bartender see di move and run go back go tell har man weh she deh wid pon di ship. Har ship man chest plate start bun him, and mek him fly go dung a di room go beat dung di man door. Di man open him door only inna towel and well sweat up. Di ship man push weh di man and push di door open further, and go see him woman well naked and sweat up pon di bed. Him move to har and start punch har up. Di guest weh she did in deh wid start pull di man off a har fi him stop punch har, and a deh so di ship man start fight di man too. Same time di woman run outta di cabin and cut. Di fight between him and cabin man continue fi a while till people hear wah a gwaan and call security, who fahwud and quash dung everything. Inna di end, ship man get fired. Yeah, him get fired and di woman still have har job pon di ship.

Di way tings work out, afta him get fired him did haffi come off a di ship a Fort Lauderdale. Him did call him relatives fi stay a fi dem place fi a while. At first dem seh yes, but dem change dem mind pon him and him neva have nuh weh fi stay and funds di low. Him woman pon di ship call him and apologise fi inna di cabin wid di guest and explain seh she feel bad seh him get fired. Dem a reason and him end up a explain him situation seh him cyaan stay wid him relatives. She end up call har man weh a live a Fort Lauderdale and tell him everything and ask him fi help har ship man. Him agree fi help him. And baps, just like dat, one side man a stay wid anneda side man.

Di Fort Lauderdale side man wasn't supposed to tell di ship side man seh him and di woman involve. But di ship side man tell him wah happen wid him woman and di cabin man, and dat him know bout har bonifide man a Jamaica. Dat mek di Fort Lauderdale man start free up seh him and har inna tings too. And as it turn out, di Fort Lauderdale man know har Jamaican bonified man from school days. Him nuh know him personally, but him know who him is. Di Fort Lauderdale man all know bout di New York man weh fly down more while come check har whenever di ship come into home port. Him tell di ship man weh get fired bout di New York man. Now di ship man waan contact har bonify man a Jamaica and tell him everything. But di Fort Lauderdale man tell him seh him nuh fi dweet, him fi jus move on and lowe har.

One bag a mix-up.

Awright, leggomentz again. Send mi unuh mix up dem at info@tamfamtv.com. See unuh next Thursday same place ya so. Bless up unuh self.


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