A COLE WORL': Entertainers should rally around Niko Chromatic

September 06, 2017
Niko Chromatic

I have been hearing a lot about zones, freedoms and rights. Among the things that many persons are very vocal about these days are the Noise Abatement Act and the proposed entertainment zones for party goers and event organisers.

But while many persons, and I do mean many, are willing to fight for these zones and the music they so fiercely defend, I am left to wonder why am I not seeing more persons fighting with Niko Chromatic of Chromatic music.

I'm sure whole heapa people by now have heard about this young man's plight. The DJ is battling renal failure and fighting for his life. I think more people from the music industry should be more vocal and reach out to one of their own.

Yes, you all want your zones to play and party, but if you aren't willing to fight for each other and not fighting each other, the powers that be will never feel the need to give entertainment the laws and zones that it truly deserves.

Now, I've never met Niko nor any of his Chromatic friends, and neither have I met many entertainers but I am convinced that the industry, as a whole, can do more to help Niko. Imagine if Foota Hype, who's also a selecta/DJ, put him mouth to good use and help this man. Imagine if Tony Matterhorn really got behind this thing, and just talked up the tings.

I want the industry players, those closest to the music, to rally around Niko Chromatic and mek people believe that the zone mek sense.


For those who still want to help the ailing deejay, his GoFund Me Page is still active. https://www.gofundme.com/nikochromatic


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