Cheating man leaves WIFI trail

September 07, 2017

Recently mi a hol' a reasoning wid some peeps and yet again di whole ting come up wid how di phone ting a beat some people out deh. Di people dem rinse several mix-ups an drama involving phones as the main issue. Mek mi share one a dem wid unu todeh.

Suh dis man ya live wid him woman an him yute dem, but a bwoy weh do road pon a gyallis level. An of course him hide him deeds fram him woman.

Weneva him a goh gwaan wid a ting him always goh a hotel. Wen him deh a di hotel dem him always guh pon dem Wi-Fi fi guh pon social media an fi ansa him email dem. Suh of course him haffi choose di hotel network inna him phone an do wa him haffi do fi log on, afta which him ansa him email dem an guh tru social media.

Anyway, once him done him always erase all evidence weh can potentially buss out him deeds. Him always delete texts, email and pics fram all a him side woman dem. Him all mek sure seh him data nuh automatically back up inna di cloud through him phone.




An because him always clean out evidence outa him phone, him always leave him phone open roun him woman. Him phone always clean - except fi one ting.

Unu nuh know say him woman goh inna him phone an goh pree di Wi-Fi list weh har man use! Yeah, wen yuh log on to a Wi-Fi the name a di wifi remains in your phone, so much so that if you should return to that location your phone wil automatically reconnect, because you had logged on before and the named connection is still in your Wi-Fi list.

Him neva delete di hotel Wi-Fi name, an him woman was able to see it. Once she know di hotel through di WIFI name she did able fi spy out him movements an eventually know say a da hotel deh him carry him side piece dem fi dem shellings.

Him woman jus do weh most woman do inna da position deh, patiently investigate, gather up all har evidence, den beat out him nastiness wid all di acquired info. Bare drama!

Suh jus like dat, wid all a jimscreechy caution weh him did a gwaan wid inna di phone, one simple ting still beat him. Mi say it aready an mi a goh say it again, traditionally, man more dan woman master techonology.

Man always a fix car, appliances, etc. But wen it come to smartphones more woman smarter wid dem dan man.

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